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Friday, April 26, 2019


Nice to See Something New

Last week I told you all about the "pre-cruising problem" of a terrible Wyndham Days Inn.  Steve is no longer allowed to arbitrarily pick out our hotels.  I agree that you pay for what you get, but I draw the line at bugs in the food, time spent in a tiny bathroom due to poorly maintained kitchen areas, rooms that have not only cobwebs and dirt but plaster falling off the ceiling and walls.

Guess what?  Wyndham doesn't actually "do" anything about their franchisees!  They side there were guidelines that had to be maintained but they were handing me off to the owner.  They owner sent one e-mail and then has ignored both phone calls and e-mails.  Yes, we have a plan B.

Once on the Celebrity Reflection however, we had a great time!  Met some really nice couples to play trivia with-and we all did quite well!  We loved the way they sang Happy Anniversary to us on Formal night in the Tuscan Grill and our waiter in the main dining room also sent us a special cake in our cabin!  

This was our 3rd time on this particular ship.  Believe it or not many of the waitstaff at all the venues remembered us!  Guess we make a bold impression.  Especially with the photographers.  Steve and I are still mulling over whether this is a good or bad thing.  Hmmmm, does make you think.

The difference with this cruise is that it was 11 nights and 5 ports. Only one had we been at before this, Grand Cayman.  Love Grand Cayman!  But we were overdue to seeing new places and learning about other island cultures.

We did what is termed the ABC's:  Aruba, Bonaire, Cartegena, Curacao and Cayman.  All the ports were beautiful in their own way with wonderful people.  Loved Columbia's architecture and history.  Didn't enjoy the humidity and the abundance of street hawkers that had us clasping our personals.  The guide didn't do anything to discourage their persistence.

Aruba was friendly, beautiful and really interesting.  Bonaire wasn't as beautiful, but rich with culture, salt and the worst island liquor ever made.  Most of us likened it to listerine, so that gives you an idea.  Curacao was lovely, nice people, historical and it was fun to learn about Curacao the drink as well.

After 11 days on board our favorite ship it was time to come home.  We missed the kids and grands (that includes our 4-legged ones).  As with the long and arduous trip to Ft. Lauderdale, it was no better getting home.

Left the ship at 8 a.m., spent 1-1/2 hours getting our luggage (one bag was misplaced and that was another long story) and then through customs.  Then there was a back-up of traffic getting through security.  What we feared was going to be a very long time sitting on those uncomfortable airport terminal seats wound up being less than an hour!

When we took off on the first leg of our journey it was 80 degrees.  When we landed in Denver-39 and snowing!  In fact, we just landed after they closed the terminals due to weather and 3 hours later, we were up in the air before another shut down occurred!  By the time we landed at our own Sky Harbor-it was 8 p.m. and 79.

We loved our latest cruise and now, it's on to the details for  next year's adventure!

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