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Thursday, November 10, 2016


An Unheard of Mistake

It was bound to happen at some point in my feature writing career.  But it's really hard to admit that I completely muffed an interview.

Not in the literal sense.  Just that I was so busy with taking care of hearth and home that I had completely forsaken my office and calendar that sits under my plethora of writing/note-taking books and didn't realize that I had an interview to conduct!

Truth is, I haven't been in the office since my parents arrived for a visit last Friday.  Okay, actually I hadn't been in my office since oh maybe November the 3rd.  We had the boys, we had a house guest (the best one in the world-he cleaned up after himself!), then my parents came and Aidan joined the mix!

Just trying to keep everyone's schedule straight, making dinner for the entire clan and still trying to spend quality time with my parents without missing a beat proved to be a bit more than I had thought it would be!

One of the reasons was that our eldest fur baby (otherwise known as Pepper the 13 year old tabby) has turned into "cranky old guy".  My parents brought their Chihuahua, Cisco and he was a perfect addition for the girls-not so much for Cranky Old Guy (from here on he'll be addressed as COG).

Poor COG!  He's used to the quiet of his parents and two sisters.  Suddenly the house swelled to 3 kids, 3 dogs, 5 extra adults and my sister and brother for just a few hours.

It proved too much for him.  We did put up a gate so he could have an area no one could get too, but his eyes bugged out, he refused to come in and eat and at night, he did NOT want to snuggle by either of his sisters or me!

Then COG really let me know he was fed up!  After everyone left I went into the master closet and found a huge wet spot on the carpeting and some other form of the "leftovers of life".  I cleaned it up and apologized profusely to him.

After the clean-up in there was done, I took down the gate and then went to feed the fur babies.  Guess what?  COG was still swishing his tail and meowing at me.  Following the angry tail dance-he squatted right there in the kitchen and left me another "solid" display of his dismay.

I swear he gave me the stink eye too.

No wonder I made this giant professional kerfuffle!  By the next day he was back to teasing the girls and using the correct bathroom areas, so we were all happier about that until Sunshine decided to show me that it was a bit much for her too.  I decided to take a nice hot Epsom salt bath (after I had taken the girls out in the yard for over 20 minutes mind you!) and entered into my lavender scented bliss when I smelled something quite awful-yep, Sunshine joined her brother in showing me that the last two weeks were a bit too much to handle.

Lucky for us, Lucky was too tired to join in on the "accidental" mistakes of her siblings, she just buried herself in her blanket with her favorite stuffed raccoon and took a nap.

This weekend I'm going to devote myself to writing up next month's senior profile, studying up on my various interviews coming up this week and just getting myself back on track.

Goody, just in time for my birthday, Bryce's first birthday and Thanksgiving Day-in that order.

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