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Friday, January 31, 2020


How Can It Be?

I was in such a horrible state last week that I didn't tell this small blogosphere that I am now the grandma of an official TEENAGER!  OMG!  How in the world did Dylan become a teenager???

Now just a teenager-but one who has a deep voice, stands 6'2" and SHAVES!

It doesn't seem possible.  I know it was just last week's blog when I told you all that I became a grandma for the first time.  And if that isn't enough to cause me to have a bout of age-related angst, Aidan is about to turn 12.

Aidan is well over 5'7" and his voice is definitely transitioning from little boy to man, but I'm not ready for our older grandkids to enter this stage of life.  Nope, not a bit.

Needless to say, both boys are able to look down at me (I am barely 5'1" these days).  They're turning into young men who no longer need their grandma for anymore than a ride home 2-3 days a week.   I suspect that some day in the not so distant future they will start to drive me around.  Especially if my back continues this constant decline.

Sigh.  I do have 2 "little" ones left, sort of.  Jackson came out of school last week and both Steve and I noticed that HE is now standing at my shoulder level and looking very grown up.  Ack!  He's also making dad jokes and helping me during our weekly afternoons together.

Bryce is also changing at an alarming rate!  We were talking about our breakfasts the other morning when she told me I'd better not be putting sugar into my healthy overnight oatmeal cookie because, "Grandma, sugar isn't good for someone old".

Wow!  Our grand-daughter is now a nutritionist at 4.

I suppose I have to get used to the fact that all the grands are growing and becoming more adult than babies.  I also supposed I'll have to get used to the fact that our "babies" are into their late-30's.  It won't be easy, but like everything else in my life-I'm up for the challenge.

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