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Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh Me, Oh My

Oh Me, Oh My

I checked the calendar and realized that I am now officially 54.

What I’d like to observe is that I am still well-preserved. Most people still give me that old, tired and much-appreciated line of: No, you can’t be and I really don’t believe you’re a grandmother!

I never get tired of hearing that. Never.

This year has been what I would’ve said in my teens “a toughie”. My health hasn’t been exactly positive, my husband is going through a bit of a rough patch on his job changes, our dog died and I’m not sure yet I enjoy being a human pincushion every week. I’ve had my fill of being pumped full of steroids too.

Nothing says fun like a year of “blue funk” and continued anxiety.

My daughter and family will be here for the holiday and as this column is coming close to Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to try a different tact-I’m going to name the top 10 things that I’m thankful for (and no column for you on Black Friday!):

1-I’m thankful for a patient and loving husband of 30 years. He’s more than a keeper and I love him more every year.

2-I’m thankful for 2 wonderful children and their wonderful spouses. A luckier mother-in-law than I? No, I don’t think it’s possible.

3-I’m thankful for having the 2 cutest grandsons on the face of the earth. I DARE YOU-ANY OF YOU-TO DISPUTE THIS FACT.

4-I’m thankful that my parents are here on earth and are able to be a part of all around them.

5-I’m thankful to have a wonderful sister and her family close by.

6-I’m thankful for our little 8 year old tabby, Pepper. He has made the pain of losing “our girl” Sunshine bearable and makes he never fails to make me smile.

7-I’m thankful for my rheumatologist, my physical medicine doctor, my acupuncturist and all the drugs supplied by modern medicine and my health insurance. Except for maybe the steroids. I seem to have a love/hate thing going on with them.

8-I’m thankful for all the good friends and colleagues that have boosted me up and at times held me up when I didn’t think I had the strength to continue to do so.

9-I’m thankful for having a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood. I’m also thankful for having finished the complete gutting and remodeling and hope that I do NOT have to think about doing it again anytime soon.

10-I’m thankful for all of you who come here.

See you in December-Happy Thanksgiving!

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