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Friday, July 30, 2010


Got Greens? I Have Ideas

Green veggies can be fast, healthy and delicious-here are a few ideas some of my readers shared over on the flip side:  

Weirdness Abounds

Sometimes very weird things happen. This was one of those weeks.

First, I thought I got rid of that darned head cold I picked up at the hospital during my successful colonoscopy. But NO, I was just working at my computer, minding my own biz-whacks (yes, that’s a professional term) when suddenly I realized I was going to sneeze- again.

Wait-how could that be? Isn’t the rule with colds: 3 days in coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving? This was day 5-1/2, I should be better! And I was- for a ½ day there.

I had just started to feel my ribs and sciatica were starting to feel less painful from all that sneezing when I started the whole routine all over again!


Back to the soreness and this time my hand decided to add some pain to the mix. Evidently it was tired of holding all those Kleenexes.

Whatever-the low grade fever came back with it as well. I would have dismissed the whole thing as an allergy if it weren’t for that little fact.

Then, it was the “contractor” from the homeowner’s insurance. I was having a bit of déjà vu from last year’s debacle of bathroom remodeling. He promised to call (several times) and didn’t. If I’m lucky, the day I post this-some of the dry wall should be replaced and possibly some of the texturing.

We’ll see. According to this man-he and the flooring inspector will be arriving on this posting day too. Again, we’ll see.
Weird-just because I can’t believe even with knowing how contractors are, that we are seemingly lucky enough to get 2 with the same work ethic.

And now for the 3rd weird thing (you know the iconic cliché about things always happening in 3’s):

Last night, in between sneezing and coughing, I had a strange phone call. Someone asked for me (no that is NOT the weird part) and right away introduced himself as “You don’t know me, but…”

This man somehow found my unlisted phone number and (get the nerve here) asked me TO BUY HIS E-BOOK AND REVIEW IT!

I’m still shaking my head on this-I was too sick at that moment to ask how he got my private information, but told him “no thank you”.

He proceeded to actually ask me why? I told him the truth: I do not make enough money to buy books for review and besides the site that I did do reviews for no longer has that section.

“Fair enough, I understand. But how about if I send you the first chapter-what’s your e-mail address?”

Okay, I don’t know you, you somehow got my unlisted phone number and now you want my e-mail?

Does “No Thank You” mean nothing?

I suppose not anymore than “I promise to call you” in contractor speak.
On the flip side of all this weirdness-it has got to be over. After all, I had my 3 “things”, so from now on life should run pretty well-until next month.

Hey, that starts in a couple of days-hmmm

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