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Friday, March 30, 2012


It's a Small World, Really

It Really is a Small World

You’ve probably guessed I’m very traditional-with a twist. Not totally old-fashioned, but not exactly what anyone would consider hip.

That’s perfectly okay with me. I’m happy with who I am.

Back to the theme this week. A few years ago I wrote about how I had found one of my bridesmaids while playing around on Google. Alana was still in Los Angeles and we’d get together every few months at the Music Center for dinner. She worked there and we had season tickets.

We still e-mail, but it’s been a while since we could afford going to the theatre without the use of “points” from a program in the newspaper. Another bridesmaid found me on Facebook. One of our ushers was actually my best friend in college. We stayed in close touch until Adam was about six months old.

He married a woman with four kids who wasn’t thrilled to hear that his best friend was a happily married woman with two kids of her own.

Whatever. (That’s my favorite phrase when someone’s a bit perquacky)

Last week I was covering a Senior Summit and the aide to the supervisor hosting the event sent me a lot of press releases. One of those releases had my friend’s name at the top as the CEO of community relations for our county!

My first thought was-“How many people with this name can possibly be writers?”

His e-mail was at the top, so I wrote him a note: Hi there, just curious-sorry if I’ve got the wrong person, but are you my best buddy from CSU, Fullerton???

I signed my name. That was Saturday. Monday morning I had the answer in my inbox.

“Hey Carine, it most certainly is me-how the hell are you and Steve? The kids?”

We spent the rest of the day catching up. Amazing. He’s no longer married; he gave up radio in 1997 and decided to re-think his career path.

I told him about Sarah being married and making us grandparents and living in Anthem. Turns out that when he left radio-he moved to what were the beginnings of Anthem! Told him about Adam. Reminded him that we were about to celebrate anniversary #31.

He told me that his dad passed on and he still played golf.

You’re getting it-we were just literally catching up on the last 28 years. We’re hoping that we can get together soon. He’s a really nice man, always has been.

Truly the “big” brother I didn’t have (he’s a whopping 4-1/2 months older than me).
Sometimes as much as I don’t want to say so-I love having e-mail.

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