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Friday, July 11, 2014


Gotta Love a Great Musical

Gotta Love a Great Musical


I don’t usually do reviews-but I’m going to tell you about a feel good, toe-tapping movie!  Yes, a movie. I know, over the course of the last 8 years I’ve probably told you that sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours is more a “literal” pain than pleasure-but today I will admit that watching this movie was worth the “ouch” factor.


A little background, in another life I was a musical theater dancer.  Even though I “hung up” the Capizios at age 31, seeing a show all these years later brings tears to my eyes.  While in New York we got to see Aladdin.  Fantastic!


Years ago Steve and I had a season of musicals at the LA Music Center-one of the shows was “Jersey Boys”.  Frankie Valli had always been one of our favorites and we loved every minute of the story and music.  We even saw it with the original cast members!


We also were lucky enough to see Frankie Valli in person about 5 years ago. He was, at that time close to 75 and put on a great performance.


You know what’s next!  We saw the Clint Eastwood movie version of “Jersey Boys” this week.  It was fabulous!  The music can’t be beat and he used the original Broadway cast which was an extremely smart move!  We both went out feeling happy and glad that we hadn’t waited for the Blu-ray version from Netflix.  We were humming the songs happily for the full 20 mile drive.


In fact, it was so much fun to watch-I still asked Steve to put it on our queue.


There’s also nothing like a “date”.  This summer we’ve had the boys every day except for Saturday and Sunday-and Sunday night has seen them join us by bedtime due to their parents new summer working hours.  A day off to be empty-nesters was just what we needed.


Thankfully there is also this wondrous and budget- friendly price of $5 on matinees for people over 55.  Sometimes, we actually love getting older. 

Next week?  We know we’ll be having bone scans, watching the boys (including Jackson) and doing our usual chores-so we feel justified in at least taking the length of the drive and the movie for ourselves.


After last week’s post, I realized that I’ve been doing this blog for 8 years.  It’s changed in looks and topics and like me, it seems to have found a niche. 


Hope you all had a great Independence Day!  Hard to believe that we’re into the last half of 2014!

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