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Friday, July 27, 2012


Wouldn't You Know?

Wouldn’t You Know

Lately our world just seems to be one big whirlwind.  One parent moving away, the other set moving close.  Our son moving and starting a new job.  Our daughter-in-law and grand pets moving in.  The latter two selling their condo and doing it in record time.

All this while the usual craziness called “life” just keeps on swirling around at whiplash speed.
In the next week, I will be re-starting physical therapy and having a third epidural.   I’ve also got about three doctors’ appointments scheduled and a couple of social/business coffees on the docket.

I’m sitting here writing up this week’s blog now because I’m stalling.

 I’m supposed to be writing of a story on the values of square dancing for seniors.  It’s fun and interesting, but I’m having the worst time coming up with my opening line-so I’m trying to distract myself enough that my brain will then cooperate and come through for me.

So far, not working. 

I did write a story on a fascinating artist named Fitz Maurice.  She’s world renowned and has some beautiful pieces completed for an upcoming solo exhibit in Laguna Beach.  I also submitted an interesting feature on the grandmother of Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak and another on the new Anti-Defamation League Southern California director, Melissa Carr.

As you can tell, I’m not exactly just sitting here doing my best to not work-I’ve put out a good deal of interesting stories, but for some reason, that opening line on square dancing is eluding me-big time.
It has to be an attention grabber.  “Grab a partner and dos-i-do your way to all kinds of good health” does NOT seem to be what I’m after. 

I don’t know why I’m having trouble with this.  But I am.  In fact, Sarah just sent me an e-mail saying she needed the booking numbers for the Carnival cruises that we took way back in 1988 and 1997.  I gladly even put writing to you all aside for 15 minutes while I looked for the scrapbooks to find the numbers.

Maybe I should give in to my lack of wanting to write for the time being.  I haven’t done the treadmill yet and the dogs are outside.  The sun is out; I need a third cup of coffee.

I’m still stalling. 

Hmmm, I was invited to join in on the square dancing last week-they’re meeting again tomorrow.  Could be that what I need is to join in on the fun.  I know I am no longer exactly able to swing any partner around-but there are members of the group who have Parkinson’s disease, plenty with arthritis and a few participants in their 90’s-surely no one will notice my lack of dexterity.

It’s a new thought-let me think it over.  By the time I finish and post this entry on Friday, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

For now, that coffee and game of fetch with Lily and Billy are calling to me with strength that even the whirlwind of life isn’t strong enough to stop me from heading outside to the sun.

(I finished the story a day later AND was informed that another story of mine will be in another upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul book-coming out the end of October!)

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