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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Gotta Love Reality

Sometimes reality is great and other times, well, let's face it:  REALITY BITES.

This past week was a bit of both. 

Let me start with the "great" part:  Adam, Sam, Jackson and Bryce moved and now live down the block from us!  Yep, this clan owns the corners of this particular rural housing tract.  It's fun to know that they live just down the street. 

The hard part was that moving is always way too much stress.  Adam's bulging neck disc (he obviously takes after his mom) is killing him, poor dear Sam is exhausted from the work, the kids and the move and has come down with an awful cold.  The house is "clearing" out of the box situation, but it's still a work in progress.

I have re-started my RA meds, but the six weeks without them has rendered my various joints swollen and painful.  Since returning home from our cruise I have been to the rheumatologist, the spine/pain med doctor and have had a physical.  I've also had a total of a dozen blood tests, a chest x-ray and have set up a cervical epidural for next week, an ultrasound for my hips and even managed to squeeze a PT appointment in at the beginning of next month.  Oh yeah, I've been to the dentist too.

Nothing says "after vacation" quite like hitting the ground running with medical, dental and kid duties, no?

I did a great job with my power walking on the cruise and got right back into joining my friends here at home.  I even went with Adam and the kids!

This is not an easy task as I swear my knees and hips are grinding against each others bones.  I'm probably going to call the knee/shoulder doctor-but I'm trying to let my meds kick in first.  Getting a steroid shot in the knee is just plain no fun.  The last one lasted 5 months.  Just really hoping to not go to the next step of having the gel injections or even worse-replacement.

It's also heating up around here, no real surprise on that score.  As I write this the temps are in the low 90's and we're no where near the noon hour.  Lucky and I (our friends were busy with house guests and work trip) went out at 8 to beat the heat.  Pretty soon I'm thinking we'll be starting our walks at 7 a.m.!

The rest of the day?  I have the older boys not just today after school, but all tomorrow as they have a day off.  While Dyl is in his Mandarin tutoring session, Aidan and I will take Lucky for a much needed mani/pedi.

Here's to reality-I'd rather live in it than anywhere else.

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