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Friday, December 07, 2007


Land of the Giants

My husband and I are soul mates. We also take completely opposite ways to come up with solutions to anything that happens to us in our lives.

While I, the former pre-school teacher, use my college training class method of K-I-S-S (keep it simple, silly), my husband comes up with the most time consuming and detailed methods he can possibly dream up.

A few weeks ago my wonderful significant other was shopping with our daughter and grandson and found us a new bed set. You know the kind: dust ruffle, comforter, shams and decorative pillows. We had been in need of such an item for, well, let's leave it at a very long time.

It's a very nice set. Since it was in a clearance bin, he purchased it for a song-a real bargain. He wanted to surprise me. So as soon as I walked in from the day job, he made me close my eyes and he guided me into our bedroom.

I was quite pleased-but a bit taken aback by how massive our queen-sized bed appeared. Being a mere 5'1-1/2", I already had to sort of boost myself up onto the mattress. Now, the bed started at the floor (duh)and stopped at my waist!

Being the curious type-I asked why we suddenly had a resting place right out of "The Princess and the Pea"?

His answer: "The dust ruffle was too long. I had to go to Depot and buy bed frame extenders, so it wouldn't drag on the floor". 6" worth! This wasn't were it ended either. Oh noooo....

He then realized that he had to raise the headboard, the picture just above it and last but not least (or piece de resistance, if you'd rather)he built extensions to our nightstands. Then came the "sad" part-he told me he was going to leave the TV stand and the bureau on the other half of the room at its original height.


Next question-did the "extenders" include a step ladder? No, but my darling did realize that having a "height-challenged" wife meant he'd have to purchase one. Then he proudly took me to my side of the bed and "ta-da'd" my gift. "Go ahead honey, give it a try". I did, it works.

Let's just hope I never wake up and forget it's there. If I do, we could be headed back in time to what we refer to as "the broken foot incident". I'm still on the mend from that experience. It's been 15 months now.

I totalled up the extras to the new bed set: $150.00

Now I would have handled it completely different. If I had found the bargain bed set and saw that the dust ruffle was 6" too long, I would have taken it to my dad, the retired upholsterer and had him hem up the darn thing. Yes, I would have had to wait a couple of weeks, but heck, what's time?

That's why our marriage is so strong-my husband is a dear, I love him with all my heart and he makes me laugh. He loves me, because I think the thought he put behind our "Land of the Giants" bedroom is worth every penny he added to his shopping spree.

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