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Friday, September 20, 2019


Seems Autumn is Almost Here

Sunshine had to potty at 3 a.m. yesterday.  I turned off the alarm and opened the door.  For the first time in months I was hit NOT with a blast of heat, but a delightful breeze and temperature!

I was so shocked that I asked Alexa for a weather report!  Turns out it was only 73 degrees!  It was actually cooler outside than in the house!

Took my little one about 10 minutes to finish doing her minute bathroom break (like her eating, she tends to take longer than most) and I turned on the alarm and we both went back to sleep.  Funny, her father and sister both snored through the entire event.

At 5:45, Sunshine decided she had to go again!  This time she wasn't letting her older sister out of the task ahead.  Lucky was so not happy.  She groaned and made me carry her to the door.  Tell you, that girl is a princess and it's my fault.

Again, I turned off the alarm and opened the door.  While Sunshine went straight out she stopped when she realized that Lucky was just standing by the screen and watching her.  I had to "goose" Lucky out of her sleepiness and into the yard.

It was still dark, so I'm thinking that was another sign that we're going to be changing seasons.  Plus, it was still only 73 degrees!

This time when they were finally done, the alarm didn't go back on.  It was almost 6.  In vain, I tried to get them to go back to sleep, but no-that wasn't an option.  Both were "telling" me that despite the lack of actual proof that it was sunrise (not pitch black, but sort of dark), they were hungry and to get myself in the kitchen.

If I were healthy, this all would've been a great way to start my morning with a walk.  However, I'm still coughing, wheezing and exhausted from just trying to make it through this flare up of Valley Fever thanks to my bronchitis-so I wasn't walking and I wasn't swimming either.

Last night was almost a copy of the night before-lucky me.  While the weather has cooled to wonderful temperatures until about 10 in the morning, it's still well into the triple digits after that and lasting until around 10.

Really looking forward to walking in the cooler weather.  Crossing my fingers that by Monday, water aerobics is a solid bet for my morning.  Also hoping upon all hope that these wonderfully cooler morning temps stick around for the rest of the year.

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