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Friday, March 16, 2007



Sometimes what you need most in life is an evening out and a few good laughs. According to the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association a hardy guffaw or two actually speeds recovery of both physical ailments and mild to moderate depression. Even if you aren't sick or suffering from a case of the blues these two things can brighten your day, for a short while anyway.

Thanks to our daughter and son-in-law, my husband and I recently took the night off from the usual daily grind of our jobs, household chores and filled it with just the right amount of frivolity.
The younger couple had received the closest thing to "free" passes to our local "Improv". It was during the week, but it sounded just like the break we both had been needing.

Especially my husband. He had been spending every one of his scheduled days off moving his mother (remember the man I nominated for sainthood?) for the last two months. If any person deserved a night of fun and laughter, it was him.

We started out the evening at a not-so-hot (well, it was pretty good at one time)restaurant for a dinner of shared appetizers. It was a lovely evening and the patio was a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, the food wasn't so hot (in more ways than one). We won't go back. On the other hand we were all in a happy mood and we kept making a lot of our own jokes about it, so we had a great time and considering it "the warm-up" act.

After dinner, we had a while before we could sit down for our hour of comedy, so we walked. We found a Brookstone's and went in to go browse. My husband and I immediately found the row of massage chairs and gave them a try. We oohed and ahhed while our kids laughed at the odd faces of nirvana we evidently were making. Then I decided to try the new bucking bronco exercise machine. I don't know which one of the four of us laughed the loudest or hardest. Actually thinking back-I think it was the saleswoman.

Then it was on to the Improv. My handsome spouse was looking more relaxed than he had in months. None of us drink (remember my only foray in 10 years was fodder for a column a few weeks ago?) so we were high on just being free for an evening.

The show started. The emcee was fair, the opening acts had some moments that gave us a few chuckles and then (probably why he was the star) the main attraction came on and had us almost crying from laughing so hard. He had a new CD/DVD out and signed them in the lobby after the show. Our daughter bought one.

When we got home we found our son and grandson waiting for us. Since the first moment, our son's nephew has adored his only uncle. He hears his voice and bobs his head until he sees him. He gets quite excited when he and Uncle Adam spend some time together. Grandpa went to pick up his 7 week old dividend. Right on cue he puked all over him! Then bobbed his head until he caught sight of our son and gave his first official giggle! He had a look that said "How was that? Was it the way we rehearsed it????"

Evidently, even people who have just entered the world need a good laugh once in a while too.

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