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Friday, November 06, 2009



Believe it or not-being a 24/7 grandparent is all of the following: fun, rewarding, fascinating and exhausting, oh and heart-tugging.

The little guys have been with us a couple of weeks now and we’ve gone to 4 different parks, Costco, Von’s, Henry’s, Fuddruckers and Pete’s burgers, Bed, Bath and Beyond and to the mall for trick-or-treating. We’ve helped welcome our son and future daughter-in-law’s new sheltie to the family, walked Sunshine (that was a site-a 13 year old lab on a leash and two toddlers grabbing onto my legs for about ½ mile) and made chocolate chip cookies.

With the help of my sister-I also had the “pleasure” of taking them for both flu shots and boosters.

That was fun. Aidan cried and held on for dear life during the first two and Dylan said “grandma this is very, very terrible-very terrible. I want to go for a walk now.”

So we did-right upstairs to the pediatrician’s office for the boosters. They were having a blast in the play area UNTIL they were called in. Aidan collapsed on the floor and Dylan just kept saying “this is very, very terrible”.

My sister and I felt like the worst Grandma and Aunt on the planet. If it wouldn’t have broken some kind of unwritten protocol we would have joined in the tears.

Total needles: Dylan 4, Aidan 3


Got home and fed them whatever their brave little hearts desired for lunch and then gave them some of those aforementioned chocolate chip cookies. Held them and watched ‘CARS’ until the proverbial cows came home (it was until Grandpa came in the door-same thing).

After dinner they told grandpa all that happened to them and showed off their various band aids. Grandpa added his kisses to the pile already started by Auntie Felicia, grandma and Sunshine.

I know intellectually that this all had to get done, but it sure didn’t feel very good for the entire day.

Thankfully, they were angrier at their parents for not being with them during this “terrible” event-wouldn’t even talk to them on the phone, let alone the webcam.

Next morning all was well-until the younger one caught his brother’s finger in a cabinet door.

Life is usually pretty good, but unfortunately sometimes, in the words of a very wise little man, it really is “very, very terrible”.


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