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Friday, March 01, 2013


The Week That Was

The Week That Was


It’s been a week.  The cold and wind continued with only a bit of wandering hinting at 70.  The potty training took a nose dive.  I had a 3-day conference to cover.  Stitches had to come out and, by the time this is posted, I will have gone through another epidural.


I had the boys’ part of the week. 


As for the potty training, I suppose this is karma coming back to bite us in the backside.  With 3 dogs in my life before her and over 40 years of canine/human years, Lucky, for whatever reason, continues to backslide to the point where I’ve attached a leash to her and won’t let her out of my sight.  If I’m not hold her on my lap, then I’m walking her around the house with Pepper chasing next to us trying to get in on this house-training fiasco.


He did grab it from me a couple of times and started taking her around the old homestead.  As I’m writing this, he’s kissing her head and trying to wrestle the pink nylon umbilical cord away from me.


Whatever.  My husband ate a lot of ice cream last night and kept the 3 of us up with his incessant snoring-so I’m tired, I’m sore and now I’m thinking (to myself), “How am I going to cover this event when my only thought is when will I get some sleep?”


Finally got my lone stitch out of my biopsy.  At least I don’t have to meet new people with a bandage on my chin and the results were typically benign. Thank goodness for that bit of news.


As for the epidural-honestly, I was not impressed by the outcome this new doctor and I had hoped would be the result of his fine needle control.  It was supposed to start relieving the ever-present pain in my neck and right shoulder.  Hah and double Hah, I say!


My weekend will be spent writing up a 2,000 word article on what private amusement park owners can do to not only make their areas more fun for guests but how to boost business in this economy.   And of course, I’ll have the help of a gray tabby and a brown Chihuahua to help get my creative juices flowing. 

Besides all of the above, I decided I was getting so many telemarketers calling me that I’d count them all-over 15!  And the kicker is-all of them were from Orange County CA!  I knew there’d be some bad parts about keeping our old landline number.  There was one marketing firm that was universal-DragonSpeak.

I was a tad bit gruff with the man.  The last 3 calls from them I said to put me on the DO NOT CALL list.  I’ve also made no secret that I felt their product was the worst $50 I’ve ever spent on something for my computer.

Right now, I’m not all that impressed with “the week that was”, sorry I shared it with you all.  But Spring is around the corner, warmer weather will be a relief to us all and I’m looking forward to getting my lap and arms back.

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