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Friday, July 06, 2012


I Do Not Know

I Don’t Know

Really, I don’t.  Since the news of our son quickly getting a new job and moving to be near his sister, I’ve been hit with the following questions and the answer remains the same:

I Don’t Know.  I Wish I did but I Don’t.

1)      Now that Adam’s leaving the state-are you next?

2)     How long will it take for the kids to sell their condo?

3)     What do your parents think of this? (Actually, I do know come to think about it-pretty much the same as we do.  They understand, wish him buckets of success, but will miss him very much.)

4)     What kind of home will they buy?

5)     Does he like the new company better already?

6)     Where exactly will they settle? (Plans are to be close to our daughter, but how can they determine that now?)

7)     If you move, will you be happy?

Let’s face it-life is so uncertain that while I might have a clue, I can’t say anything certainly. 

Then there are the questions that I possibly have an answer for?

1)     Do you think he did the right thing?  Yes, yes I do.

2)     If your husband does the same, do you think it’s the right thing?  Yes, yes I do.

3)     Will you like it?  Let’s just say I’ll love seeing him happy again and appreciated.  I love being near my kids.  But I’ll hate leaving my home, my doctors and what few firm writing jobs I have.

4)     Will you enjoy the heat?  Yes, for the most part.  I know when I’m there that the cliché of “it’s a dry heat” is so.  I feel better when I’m there.

Like this week’s blog-I wish I could have more sure answers, some witty or funny responses, but I don’t.  I wish I did, but I don’t.

And since I’m not sure about anything, I’m ending this week right here.

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