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Friday, June 19, 2009


What Else? Father's Day

This is Father’s Day weekend. May all the dads out there in cyberland get the appreciation you have earned.

Around here, we’ve got a lot of dads. My dad, my husband, our son-in-law and our 2 brothers-in-law, even though one of the last mentioned lives in a different half of our beautiful state. We also will start including our future daughter-in-law’s father.

As our clan gets older (therefore busier) and bigger, we don’t seem to be able to keep up with family get-togethers as well. Some members work. And the ones that do have schedules at opposite ends of the 24 hour clock. Many live up to 40 miles apart, making a place to meet up on the tricky side.

We also have numerous tastes and ages to consider. I’m sure most of you reading this are nodding your heads in agreement and understanding. On the day I’m writing this-we still have no idea what’s going on! What is it we have to take under consideration?

Let’s see, my parents really shouldn’t be driving long distances or after dusk. Our son-in-law is back to working the graveyard shift and he now has an hour’s drive to get to his location. Our daughter, daughter-in-law and son will have to work until approximately 6 p.m... As of this particular moment- my hubby and I will be watching the grandkids on not just Sunday-but I’m sure this is only getting posted because the little guys are napping. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece have activities to consider.

My daughter-in-law hasn’t a clue how to fit her dad around her work schedule. Thankfully, we will satisfy our long distance brother-in-law with a phone call.

We considered doing something at my parents home-it would solve making sure they wouldn’t have to be on the road, we could do a repeat of Mother’s Day and simply bring dinner in. Everyone did seem to love have a deli breakfast for dinner. But that was before the latest time constraints threw “monkey wrenches” into the mix. Plus, mom and dad had water damage in their kitchen and they have no floor to speak of-they’ve been taking their Chihuahua, Cisco, and going on day trips to stay out of the dust and workmen’s way.

While we all agree that we’d love to get together, so far we haven’t figured out how!
Another little snag-I am so not able to pick up anything that’s heavier than a coffee cup at the moment. I know this because I tried clearing out the dryer and blacked out from the pain in my thrice compromised right rib cage. Thankfully, the grandkids understand about grandma’s owies-Dylan now mimics my famous “oh dear” to a frightening likeness. LOL!

(Here’s a bit of free advice-if you’ve already popped that same rib 2 other times, don’t lean into your tile bath surround while bathing your grandsons-because another 6 week healing process is in your midst.)

Another thing to consider on Father’s Day celebrations-I think really good uncles should get cards too. I just mentioned that I found myself in a rather painful position. My son was helping me at the time-he deftly took over the rest of his nephews’ bath needs. Besides that feat, earlier in the day (after working over 8 hours) he came home and entertained those said bundles of joy so that I could prepare dinner and catch up on some laundry.

Not many young men would do that-let alone do this on a regular basis and without being asked.

Kudos to dads and those that will make excellent ones in the not so distant future.

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