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Friday, May 16, 2014


Our Little Graduate

Our Little Graduate

This week had us celebrating a most prestigious event-Aidan’s kindergarten graduation!  It’s always amazing to see how far a 5-year-old can come in a few short months.  Aidan is quite the personality.  He loves to be silly, make others laugh and somehow his favorite thing to do is make a face just as my camera is going into the click mode.


If anyone has a need for a picture a la “Junie B Jones and the Monster Under the Bed”, contact me-as I have numerous ones to put in your child/grandchild’s room to scare them away!  (Junie B is a fun and imaginative kindergartener who’s always in trouble and having a photo taken when she’s not ready)


Back to our now 6-year-old-soon-to-be-1st-grader.  Aidan is cuddly, handsome, smart and (for the moment) as honest as the day.  He’ll accept blame for his “wrongs” but is quick to tell you what he hasn’t done and who is the real culprit (usually, his older brother Dylan).


Aidan’s heart is as big as they come; he’ll come to your aid faster than most kids his age.  He’s always asking if he can help-even if it’s getting the towels out of the dryer because grandma can no longer manage this trivial feat without her shoulder going into spasms.


He loves to help cook.  Whether it’s hamburgers on the grill with grandpa or brownies with grandma, Aidan will seek out a way to assist.


When Aidan entered “real” school, he had a bit of a time learning the new rules, sitting still and listening to his hockey loving teacher, Mrs. Harsch (who is anything but!  This woman has the patience of a saint.  I know because I worked very hard at doing pre-school for over 10 years).


As with everything, time helps.  Today, Aidan gets his “green” bears almost 100% of the time, he’s doing his sight words and has shown his classmates the art of how to dance and sing with a side of comic relief.


Summer’s here (for some reason school goes on for another week) and I’m hoping to do a lot of fun things to get Aidan ready for first grade and Dylan ready for second, with a good amount of trips to both the swim park/pool and the splash pads.

For now, this is the last kindergarten graduation ceremony I’ll be able to enjoy with the right amount of tears until Jackson walks in with his paper hat in 6 years.  I don’t want it to happen too fast though.  It seems as if it was just yesterday when we reveled in Dylan and Aidan’s “firsts”.   For that matter, it feels as if it were only a few moments ago that Steve and I were capturing every move Sarah and Adam made and cried in happiness over!


It’s okay by me to cry happy tears.  And I guess it’s okay for Aidan to start reaching for a new chapter in his life of elementary school. 


No longer a baby is he.

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