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Friday, May 10, 2019


Oh the Romance

It's Mother's Day this weekend.  Happy celebrating to all moms, grandmas, daughters, aunts, etc. who should be celebrated.

In our family it's a bit different.  Adam and Steve both have to work.  So the girls and I are making our own potluck celebration.  I'm hosting, since Sam did Passover/Easter.  BBQ ribs are on the menu, except for the youngest Nadels-I'll have sliced ham/turkey for them.  Sarah's bringing salad.  Sam said she'd happily do baked beans and dessert.  Besides the main dish, I'll do the drinks.

Something wrong with this picture?

Steve did something really romantic for me this year!  You can't get more loving than buying your wife of 38 years prescription orthotics.  Plus, we had not one but two fur babies who were feeling well and they added a hefty amount of expenditure to my "gift".

It's more than okay with me.  I'm at the point where if spending well over $325 on something to stick in my shoes will lessen pain, I'm all in!  And by now, you all know how much we adore our furry ones.

Poor Lucky is having a flare on her own spinal issues (she is obviously her mother's daughter), so she's back on NSAID's and muscle relaxers.  She's doing better.  I can tell because we both only woke up once for 30 minutes last night as opposed to the "all-nighter" we had Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ever notice how kids only get sick after hours???

And then there's Pepper.  Sigh.  Our senior fur baby is about to turn 16 in a very few weeks.  He's all skin and bones.  But that isn't the problem!  Nope.  Seems that along with showing signs of "kitty dementia" (i.e. peeing in all the wrong places-like my leg and slippers!), he also has a bad UTI.

We're really hoping that the shot of antibiotic he got yesterday afternoon not only makes him feel better, but helps him remember what he needs to do and more importantly-WHERE HE NEEDS TO DO IT!

Here is Mother's Day #2 without my mom.   Hoping that my desert roses actually bloom in her honor Sunday.  Also, I'm hoping that all 4 grands and my son and husband do clean-up in honor of the moms that will be in the house Sunday.

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