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Friday, November 21, 2014


Another Year Has Flown By

Another Year Older


Surprisingly enough, I think this birthday (#57) is actually an improvement over last year.  Not a lot, but I at least now have almost full motion in my previously frozen right shoulder/arm.  Plus, despite the intense pain in my spine-the same physical therapists are working on trying to improve my back as well.


On the actual day, I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:25 (I swear it was made worse by the 48 degrees of gale outside) and hobbled to PT.  Because it was my “special day”, I was treated to one 20 minutes of exercise, 15 minutes on moist heat and then about 25 minutes of them working to help ease the pain in my spine.


Some call it “therapeutic” massage-I call it pain.  But, it will be worth it when I feel better without the use of an epidural.  I’m figuring if they’re half as successful with this as they were the shoulder I’m going to be very happy.


Until then, if any of you watch “Dancing With the Stars” and saw Alfonso Rubiero crying from the pain in his back after he was through dancing-you have seen the way I go through life. 


It’s not pretty.


After that, Adam and Jackson took me to brunch.  Poor Jackson didn’t have the best of mornings either.  Adam took him to the doctor’s for a checkup-where he remembered getting shots and his ears washed out.  Adam said he cried non-stop for the entire hour.  It culminated with another ear washing and another booster shot. 


Normally he blows kisses to everyone and waves good-bye.  He did NOT do that to anyone there.


By the time we got to breakfast he was back to his happy self and ate an entire plate of chocolate chip pancakes and threw kisses to everyone in the restaurant.


It’s a matter of timing.


Once home I found that almost my entire Face Book list wished me happy birthday, I had voice mail from family members and my youngest nephew phoned me!


Our daughter had called the night before because she had to be at work early.  She also wished me a cute Happy Birthday/short joke on Face Book.  It appears since osteoporosis and age have set in Sarah is now a full half foot taller than I am.




The rest of my week was filled with doctor’s appointments of various kinds-seems that the medical profession feels you need to been seen just to check that you’re not falling down the rabbit hole of life as you get closer and closer to 60.


Besides getting older, we’ve officially been in Arizona for 2 years now.  Time flies, no?


One last thought:  Happy Thanksgiving to you all-may it be blessed with health, happiness and just the right amount of family dysfunction.

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