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Friday, December 28, 2012


School's Out and So is 2012

 School’s Out-


Honestly, I haven’t worried about what to do during “winter” break from school in many, many years.  Our “baby” graduated from high school in 2002.  Yet, here I am-wondering, “what should I do with the kids for the break?”


It’s not that we have them here full-time or even both together-but it’s been quite cold here in Northern Phoenix and Aidan was running a fever just a couple of days ago.  Now it’s Dyl’s turn to feel drippy and miserable.  So, we are “stuck” here in the house wondering how to pass the time. 


Dylan started the holiday at home with a full room of toys with dad (Alex is working from home this week-watching one is tricky enough, but two?).  Aidan was with just me, a few toys, a room full of age appropriate books, a lingering head cold and a wind chill factor that has me shivering even in the warm comforts of my office.


If it were a tad warmer than 47 outside, we’d gladly put on a jacket and play at the park across the street.  Maybe a walk around the neighborhood-if my still “goose-egg” of a knee was in better shape and didn’t hurt so much.  I’d even be inclined to driving my new car around the block to the outlet mall and let him play at the tot lot and then go to the food court for a hot chocolate, but hey, I just don’t see my knee holding up to that either.


The boys and I have:  colored in both a batman and a dog safety coloring book.  We’ve read  Junie B. Jones books and a Mickey Mouse book.  I  brought out kindergarten workbooks and returned to my teaching roots for a while.  The boys helped me put up some laundry.  At this point, their strength is way better than mine for bringing the bags over from the bedroom into the washroom.  I’ve made lunches, special hot chocolates with mini-marshmallows and now, out of sheer desperation, I’ve put on the Disney station so I can write this up for you.


I did promise Aidan that I’d look up the Sesame St. website and we could do some learning games on it.  No one is ever too old to enjoy a game of Match Elmo at Mr. Hooper’s store.  Also, even though they’re a bit past the “Dora the explorer” age, that’s always a good site now that “Diego” her cousin has arrived.


  Friday, when I post this, the switch up will be neither boy, but Brianna.  She’s the family’s 10 year old American Eskimo.  While we get to be a dog family for the weekend, the cats will fend for themselves with just a bit of check-in from me.  The human parts of the family are headed up for their traditional trip to do “The Polar Express” train ride near the Grand Canyon.


Yes, it appears that life here in Arizona is more than settling in and finding a necessary routine.  And that’s a good thing.


I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re all anticipating having a very happy and healthy (as well as safe) New Year’s celebration. 


2012 has had some mighty swings of the pendulum for those of us in all sections of the Nadel clan.  The highs and lows have been to an unhealthy extremes-so my wish for 2013 is simply a lot less stress and a lot more enjoyment of our kids and all of whatever life has in store for us.


Happy New Year to you all and may it be everything you want it to be.

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