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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


You Just Never Know

I guess I should take full responsibility for Sunshine's emergency trip to our vet.  After all, if I hadn't thought (to myself), "Too windy and smoky from the fire for  a walk, but I should at least let them have a potty break on the grass", the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

Hooked up two very excited girls, put on the alarm, locked the doors and went across the street to enter the pocket park.  They did their puppy thing of "dribbling" every 3' and then reached the only piece of grass in our neighborhood.  They were having a lot of fun, sniffing and yes, more piddling when all of a sudden Sunshine yelped out in pain and jumped off the grass!

I thought she got one of the cactus burrs in her foot-since windy days are the only way those things blow around-but no, nothing there.  I tried to look more but she yelped another pain cry and started shaking!

Sigh. Thank goodness we weren't but a few yards from the house because the wind and her 11 pounds had me panting as I carried her and walked Lucky home.  Called the vet, told her we were coming and took off.

The vet and I looked at her foot and finally found that she had been either bitten by a spider or stung by a bee or a scorpion.  We'll never know what got her but the vet put some cortisone on her and since we still had pain meds left from her dental surgery, she said to give it to her along with some Benadryl.

It was scary!  All I wanted to do was give them a little time in the great outdoors and instead poor Sunshine gets hurt.  Thankfully, she didn't swell up, whatever it was was NOT poisonous and by the next morning she was almost back to normal.

I say almost because for some reason, she didn't feel like chewing her dry food at either dinner or breakfast.  Something that's been unheard of in this household for all the years we've been pet parents.

At least she's okay.  And thank goodness for our wonderful vet and her staff!

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