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Thursday, March 17, 2016


I've Got Nothing

This week has thankfully been rather reserved.  At least compared to the drama that has ensued that past couple of months.

Last Thursday I began feeling better enough that I started up walking again.  Not with my morning walking buddies but walking nonetheless.  With my friends, our course is to do a 2-1/4 mile loop in about 30 minutes-me carrying Lucky from just before the half-way point until we part ways.  Let's face it-Lucky, my 5 pound wonder pup, can only walk at that speed for so long and then she just puts on the brakes and wants to be carried.

One of my friends suggested a "doggy" Bjorn.  I wanted to get a dog stroller.  Adam told me he wouldn't walk with me if I dared to push Lucky around as if she were a human baby.

Don't know why -does it really make a difference if she has her own stroller or hitches a ride with Jackson and Bryce?

By Sunday I managed almost 2 miles in one burst.  I texted my friends and said I'd join them the next morning.  They were impressed.  After all, the month before when I did the first walk I nearly passed out from lack of air.

After we reached the "fork", I let them know that I wouldn't see them until Friday.  Steve and I had errands all day Tuesday (remember I've been down for quite a while) and Wednesday we had to help Adam and Sam in the morning and then I had my much needed lumbar epidural in the afternoon.

Normally we'd have the older grandkids on Wednesday but that wasn't to be since there was no way for us to get back in time for pick-up. 

Thursday was just the norm for the day after an epidural-feeling okay but having to adhere to the "no exercise rule" for the 24 hours after the procedure.  I picked up Aidan and we went to the park while Dylan went to Mandarin tutoring.  Then it was back to the house, homework and a late snack for them. 

I also wound up making dinner for all of us as I was told last minute that the boys would be spending the night and I'd be taking them to school the next morning!  Sarah wound up having a 6 a.m. meeting to attend.

That also made it possible for me to realize that I had absolutely NOTHING to send with them for snacks-so out came the ingredients for the boys favorite pumpkin breads.  Add making them shower and starting not one but two loads of laundry and the dishwasher and I was quite exhausted by the time the day was over.

Friday-just happy that I saw my friends, took a great walk and enjoyed a quiet week.  We decided that we'd better start taking our exercise break earlier as the morning crispness is now just plain out and out HOT!  Yep, we here in the great state of Arizona are already waking up to temperatures in the mid-70's.  By 9 a.m. it's hitting 80.  Any later than that and poor Lucky will have to be left behind for fear of her feet getting burned.  She just wants no part of puppy walking shoes.

"Nothing" of this kind is good, I actually enjoyed a week of warm weather, clear lungs and just doing nothing.

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