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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Writer's Block

Writer's block is a very well-known phenomena. It's an author's worst nightmare to sit in front of their computer and not be able to think of anything to create.

I am finding myself to be in just that predicament at the present moment. Sitting in front of my screen and staring seem to be the modus operandi of the day. Fleeting ideas have come and gone, none of them of any worth. It is this reason that I've decided why not try and pen something about having writer's block? By using the "four W's and one H", this could actually be an interesting subject for a column and an article.

The "who" in this instance is me. Finding a topic of interest for any given week has not really been an issue-working in the home improvement field I hear many stories of elation and woe, not all are appropriate for cyber-space or publication but there are plenty of them. Family members have plenty of angst and joy to report as well, however there are privacy issues that need to be considered. I've been fortunate to usually have several choices a week to decide upon. This week I seem to be stumped!

"What" a columnist decides to discus obviously depends upon the events surrounding them. At any given time the subject can be thought-provoking, silly, funny, irritating and even angering, maybe all of these emotions and more, at the same time.

"Where" an idea comes from is the same place, from a writer's surroundings. With the internet in just about everyone's home and workplace the where aspect seems to be narrowing it's field to one's desk. My son was saying to me just a few minutes ago that I should write a book of tips for women who are over age 40 on re-inventing themselves. He brought up that I had written quite a good article on the subject and it could be expanded into a How-to publication. Not a bad idea, when I researched and interviewed people for the article I myself was surprised to see how many websites and blogs were devoted to just that subject! And the most amazing point-I didn't even leave the comfort of my home office to get the information!

"Why" a journalist gets writer's block? I certainly cannot speak for others who come down with this virus, but why I seem to being suffering from it seems to be from way too many things are going through my brain. Focusing in on one subject appears to be giving me a terrible case of adult ADD. Should I write about some interior designer having a nervous breakdown due to a client scratching their brand new, not even installed yet airbath? Do I decide this is the week to rant about the cable lines throwing me off of the computer just when I am just about to press the send button on an absolutely perfect article? Should I do a follow-up article on a young couple's plight about not being able to find jobs in their field after three months of trying and their medical insurance problems stemming from the loss of their employment? Of course there could also be another blog written about my own recovery from this broken foot and how I am almost able to see and WALK to the "light" at the end of that particular tunnel.

"How" does one overcome the phenomena of writer's block? One fellow writer told me that she goes shopping. She said the spending of money clears not only her bank account but her head as well. Another told me he found inspiration doing something totally different from putting words together-he's been building the same motor boat for years, but he said the act of nailing, sanding, varnishing and smelling the wood and chemicals gives him a "buoyant" (he's always been a little corny) feeling, then he can return to his computer and get to business. Yet another colleague stated that when she sits at her desk and nothing seems to be happening she grabs her pooch and takes a good long walk. Okay, that's one colleague and I who, up until 2 months ago, had a lot in common. Getting outside and doing something physical always seem to bring clarity to my musings. Seeing the sun, getting much needed exercise and spending time with my beloved Sunshine was my salvation and my inspiration.

What I am hoping is that my sad state will somehow be changed just by writing about it-I've been thinking while writing about the old cliche: Tomorrow is another day.


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