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Friday, May 20, 2011


Sometimes, I Feel Like Doing Nothing


Sometimes I feel like just doing nothing. It’s true. That’s this week. Not that I haven’t got a good excuse, because I have-but I’m not “built” to not do my work.

I have several assignments that have been on my desk and due to my health-they aren’t done.

It all started after my daughter-in-law and I got home from visiting my parents on Sunday. It was Dad’s birthday (82) and with mom’s broken rib-they weren’t up to going out. My sister and family went first and brought breakfast. Sam and I stopped at Costco to pick up a couple of items for them and then visited for a few hours.

Then I felt the change in the barometric pressure getting to me. Big time. We got home, Sam left and I just felt achy and blah. Our son called and made a “date” with me for breakfast the next morning. That was a great surprise-since he’s been working non-stop we don’t even have our weekly dinners with him and Sam anymore.

Got through a really fun breakfast-but with lots of pain coming from not only my joints but from those lovely 4 bulging discs that have divided themselves between my neck and lower back.

I made a simple dinner and then started nodding off while watching TV. I gave up and went to bed. That’s when the spasms started. I decided to pop a painkiller. It didn’t work. Sleep never came that night. By morning I was a stiff zombie whose only movements came from the spasms. I knew it was stupid, but I took another pain killer.

It really was stupid. Even with my breakfast in me-I got sick. And then I got sick again. My husband asked if he should stay or go. I just waved him on through my sick haze.

Thankfully it was acupuncture day. Got there-she couldn’t believe what I looked like. Thank goodness for acupuncture. The therapist got the nausea to stop and got the pain under control. My warning: No work for you-go home and try to take a nap.

I spent the rest of that day, trying to nap. I nodded off a few times, nothing to write home about (and obviously nothing to write and submit to publishers about). By the time Steve got home, I just wanted to stay up through whatever I was trying to watch and find out about his day.

I went to bed and dropped off for 8 straight hours-almost unheard of in Carine Nadel Land.

Doing that made getting my haircut easier. Still, I did a lot of shifting in my chair.

As I sit here with my fresh haircut, I’ve feeling somewhat human. But I decided to write this because the idea of trying to form an article containing answers to questions of 4 different people is just not happening for me yet.

My calendar is clear tomorrow-I think I’ll leave my writing of prose until then.

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