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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Counting My Blessings

Counting my Blessings


Honestly, I’ve decided to stop being quite so cranky.  It’s really not serving me any purpose and it’s a downer-not my personality choice.  And since it seems that I’m with me a lot, I’ve decided to re-arrange my viewpoint.


Since putting our “dream” home for up for sale last September, I’ve been crabby.  So, to show you how I’m going to change, here are some of the ways I’m counting my blessings:

Rather than grimacing at the ugly fake cultured marble tub and shower in my master bath-I’m only going to recognize the way my husband hung our favorite framed posters over the appropriate spots and how he was able to secure grab bars for me in the water closet and tub surround.


Instead of hating the 24” slate-like tiles on the floor, I’ve decided to focus on how they hide Pepper’s gray hair and litter sprays as he’s walking out of his box in the walk-in closet.


Now that the kitchen has a beautiful glass and marble backsplash, I will conveniently forget that black granite counter tops are in continual need of cleaning and polishing every time I have to rinse any piece of food or cooking appliance.  After all, the backsplash is not only gorgeous; it also makes needing to ever paint anything but the ceiling of the space improbable.


No longer will you hear me say I miss my beautiful hand-scraped hardwood floors throughout the house.  Nope-from now on you will only hear me say how the “wood-ish” look of my very sustainable bamboo in all but the 3 official bedrooms gives the entire home a light and airy feeling that I’ve come to love.


I really do love my backyard-it’s so easy to care for that I haven’t even missed my 15 rosebushes.  Gardener you say?  Not the Nadels-we won’t need anything but extra wood for the fire pit.  Okay, I’m thinking we should probably look into some “misters”, but we’ve got time.


And the front of the house-I just enjoyed the most beautiful sunrise this morning at 7:30.  Plus, the views of the Sonoran desert right off my porch, how many of you are able to enjoy something like that?  Luckily, the stray bull found its herd and wasn’t part of the landscaping-just the Saguaros and the Mesquites.

My office is looking very official too.  Real desks, not computer tables.  Book cases and a comfy sofa.  And we’ve decided on just the perfect spot for the treadmill.   Steve says he’ll bring it in as soon as the “goose egg” on my knee disappears enough that I can actually use the darned thing.


Our bedroom-the new furniture has been delivered and it is perfect for the room.  We do have to find bigger lamps, because the old ones are looking mighty tiny on the new nightstands.  Aidan and Dylan love the new furniture-but were quick to say “grandma, sorry about your new furniture.   Did you see that it has a lot of tree skin on it?”  (reminder-these are the same two who wanted me to know they were sorry about our brand new wood floors having owies as well).  “It’s called bark boys.  Grandpa and I paid extra for that.”


This week, we’re also counting our blessings on the fact that we must be on the other side of this horrible virus that our little petri dishes shared with us a couple of weeks ago-we’re only blowing our noses about a dozen times a day and we’re down to only using the cough syrup at bedtime.


See?  I’m counting my blessings.  One last “blessing”-I’m about to enjoy my new car.  Yes, right after the dealership gets the “right” alternator for my husband’s car and he gives it back to me. 

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