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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Cold You Say?

Cold you say?


I’ve never understood how folks in the “four seasons” areas of the country survive.  Especially when they declare their love of snow.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never been fond of any temperature below 65.   But what exactly do those of you east of let’s say, Arizona get out of below freezing  marks on your outdoor thermometers, blizzards, shoveling your cars out (okay, I’m sure the last mentioned gives you a great workout) and wearing outerwear that makes you look like Frosty getting ready to stand guard for the night?


I both admire your stamina and feel amazed at it at the same time!


Steve and I watched the news reports on Minnesota’s population being able to throw water up in the air and having it come down in solid form-How no one could be outside and take a drink before the water froze in the bottle.


While it may have looked “cool” (sorry about the groaner of a pun here) I cannot fathom why anyone would not be looking for ANY way out of the entire state!  I also saw the amount of people who did want to leave and couldn’t because it was too dangerous to fly and too slippery to drive on the roads.


This won’t be a popular blog, I know.  Our daughter Sarah always loves to take the boys on a snow weekend during our brief winter weather.  Flagstaff is only a short drive and there’s plenty of snow there and in nearby Williams.  The boys love sledding down a slope all bundled up to the point where they can barely roll off their make shift snow sleds. 


A few years back we came out for a visit and went with them to do the Polar Express.  It was COLD.  I couldn’t move any joint in my body.  It hurt.  And then we had to sit on a 100 year old train and visit “the North Pole”. Felt exactly as I imagined it would, let me tell you.


Thank goodness the delight on those two little munchkins faces almost made up for the fact that it took me two days to thaw out once we came back to Anthem! 


This year, while we’ve had a few days of 32 degree nights and mornings-the rest of the time we’ve thankfully been in the mid 60’s-70’s.  Lots of sun, little rain and that’s fine by me.


In fact, today had me venturing out to our local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and I went into my car without my hoodie. I arrived at my destination to realize that the howling wind was swirling so hard that our trash cans had blown over and my car let me know that it was a mere 56 outside.  Checked my phone and it told me that the wind-chill factor was making the air feel like it was 42. 


Brrrr.  It’s supposed to warm up quite nicely later on, about 77.  Lucky’s waiting for her walk.  She’s been wearing her hoodie since Steve put her out potty at 7 this morning.


Nope, I’m not a fan of cold.  Glad our so-called winter is coming to an end.  In fact, Steve was already thinking we should start using those coffee ground “logs” he bought for the fire pit next week.  If we wait too much longer we’ll be back to having 112 during the day and skimming 100 at night.


Good.  My 15 year old leather coat has been worn twice in the last 3 years and I don’t want to have to find a specialty cleaner to correct its overuse.

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