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Friday, March 20, 2020


Things Are Getting Rather Tense

By now I'm sure we're all "feeling" just a bit tense.  How can we not?

Personally, even though I'm very definitely one of the "1%" who need to be concerned-I'm just fed up.  I don't like being told I can't go treat myself to a cup of coffee with a friend, go to water aerobics or buy peanut butter!

Our kids, who tease Steve mercilessly and quite often, about his "water room" have publicly stated on social media that they are now glad that Dad felt the need to decorate one of the guest rooms with cases of water for emergencies.

Steve is also touting his amazing ability to stuff our freezer full of various proteins.  "We'll be able to eat without compromising!"

I, personally, really need fresh produce and don't really understand how a freezer full of beef, chicken, pork and fish will help me past a certain point.

Our local medical clinic and urgent care have officially closed!  Okay, the UC is open for only people with respiratory problems.  It seems that a few people came in and contaminated the building and then it was found that they tested positive for COVID19!

Think it doesn't really matter?  Well, I needed a note from my primary-a nurse came out in full protective gear and took my paper and swore she'd get it to her.  Okay.

Then last night poor Bryce had a slight collision with a 10 pound barbell and had a pretty good size goose egg and cut on her head.  We stayed with Jackson while mom and dad took her to the children's ER.  They were greeted by someone who informed them that only one parent was allowed in the building!

Thankfully, Costco was still open for "cruising" the fairly empty aisles.  Also thankfully, there was just the nasty bruised "egg" but no concussion, no hematomas, etc...

This morning, Bryce was chomping at the bit to get to day care.  They don't fall under the "school" guidelines.  Kids are so resilient!  Wish I could be that way.

Jackson is not happy.  He has a computer failure for a grandma and I can't get his math program up and running on his tablet.  He's reading and not happy about it, at all.

Only thing that's left for me, at this point?  Walking the dogs.  Also, I'm being very brave here-our 7-1/2 year old fridge is making a very loud humming noise and the top shelf is not getting very cold, so I'm letting the repair guy come in and look at it.

Steve was upset-he wanted to go to Denny's the other morning for breakfast.  Guess what?  I'm sure you know-all the restaurants have shut down except for drive-thru and take out.  One at a time.  No one can "congregate" and socialize.

Are you grumbling as much as I am right now???

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