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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Taking a bit of a break

Not that it will turn the world's axis to another dimension-but it's THAT time of year here. 

I had my hips shot full of steroids last week, with the promise of a lower back epidural that took place in the last 24 hours.  It wasn't pleasant but I'm already feeling better!  No spasms in any of the areas since about noon yesterday!

I'm taking it easy for today.  The "girls" must feel it's safe to leave my lap because they're enjoying watching Steve pull weeds in the yard at this moment.

This will be my last entry for a couple of weeks as Steve and I are about to leave at some point for our 36th anniversary cruise!  We're meeting up with one of the couples we met last year and looking forward to spending time at the beach, walking (me without hobbling or looking otherwise rather odd) and just relaxing.

My best guess is that I'm going to have lots of last minute things to do and as much as I love this blog, it will be on the back burner.

We'll miss our kids and grand kids, we'll miss our cat Pepper (who will enjoy the peace and quiet with only a house sitter) and we'll be overly concerned and anxious over having to put our precious pups into a pet resort. 

We've asked for update pictures to be sent to our phones and to Adam.  We never left our kids to go on a vacation until they were almost out of high school, so leaving our fur babies for this event has us feeling rather tense.

But, don't worry-we'll find a way to relax and enjoy the romance of this cruise and I'll hopefully be able to share tales of our excitement upon our return. 

Good luck to house sitter, good luck to the family-mom and dad are ready to have their week of fun!

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