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Friday, July 01, 2016



I Just Realized

Steve's aunt and her friend came for a visit this past weekend.  I start with this bit of news because it made me realize that even though it's getting to two years since our home was burglarized that I may not be as observant as I once was in the matter of what more was taken from our home during that fateful day.

For those who want a slight re-hash of the event:

After Steve left for work on September 18th, 2014 at 9:30 and before I arrived home at 11:15 a "professional" burglary ring broke into our home and wiped us out.  Thankfully the pets weren't hurt but still it was a violation that took us a month to fix physically.  Emotionally, I swear at times I think we're still a might shaken.

Hence, we live in a very protected environment complete with cameras, sensors, security company, security doors and some other implemented ideas given to us by the local sheriff's department.

Back to our family visit.  Our aunt's friend had lost a backing to one of her earring and asked if I happened to have an extra?  Without even thinking about it, I said "of course, let me go find one".

Went into our closet where I swore my metal file box sat on the floor of my side of the walk-in to find some for the friend to choose amongst. 

Problem.  That box I thought I had been seeing (I rarely-okay never-switch earrings since Steve gave me my diamonds studs on our 17th anniversary) for all this time was JUST NOT THERE!

How does a woman not notice her box of earrings has NOT been sitting in a closet she goes into several times a day for well over a year and a half?

So much for coming to the aid of our house guest!

Most of what was in the dented box was just fun earring I wore in my 30's, but I did have a pair of gold hoops that a dear family friend had left me, 2 pairs of silver earring from our very first cruise that we got in Puerto Vallarta and a couple of others that I really liked. 

Obviously I haven't worn any of them in literally years, but it was yet another blast of that horrible day and that even though it's in the past it still seems to be making sure it will always be kept in both the present and unfortunately the future.

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