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Friday, June 02, 2017


This Week was a Might Busy!

I can't believe I'm telling you all this, but here it is:

I forgot it was Friday!

We've had the older grand kids here since Tuesday and Steve and I have been quite busy keeping them out of trouble and occupied.

As you can tell by the photo of Jungle Jill and the owl-it was the opening of the summer library program and maker camp.

Tuesday our youngest grandson Jackson made it through his countdown on being potty trained and got his much anticipated and longed for Batman Potty Party.  Wednesday morning, we got the boys up and had breakfast and proceeded to try and get through all the various errands that were on our list of "must dos" for the week.

Thursday had me up with the dogs at the seemingly new normal time of 5:45.  Did the morning routine and left Steve with the grands to go enjoy my water aerobics class.  He took them to the library and I met up with them there.  Went home to get lunch served, potty dogs and then it was back to the library.

Steve told the boys if they behaved and didn't give us grief over nothing, Friday would be a fun day.  The men dropped me off at class and finished a couple of errands and then picked me up.  Off we went to see "Wonder Woman" and then to In-and-out for a late lunch.

We got home just in time to let the dogs out.  Thank goodness. 

Since lunch was so late, we're waiting for a bit before starting up the grill and making it a Taco Friday dinner.  One of our errands supplied us with some prepared fajita steak for a mere .99 cents a pound and the tortillas were on a BOGO.  Already had the salsa, lettuce and cheese!  Just going to add some avocado slices and add some other veggies to make up a side salad.  Phew!

Tomorrow Steve goes back to work.  I will take advantage of my pups early wake up call and get them out before the day's triple digit heat starts up and hubby will have to leave.  We have a couple of good deeds to do and laundry is piling up. 

No wonder I forgot about posting, summer has just begun and I'm out of time!

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