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Friday, March 13, 2020


Feeling Meh

Thanks to my health and the stupid hysteria of the COVID situation, we have no anniversary trip to look forward to this year.  Steve even suggested that we cancel our party of  9 and 40th anniversary trip next year!  Nixed that one.

We've also been having extremely unseasonable Spring weather!  It has been constantly raining since last weekend.  Yesterday, in the time between parking our car and getting Jackson, picking up Dyl and Aidan and then getting home (about 35 minutes), we experienced sprinkles, actual rain, a torrential downpour with high winds, hail and alerts on our phone telling us that we were in a flash flood area and not to go on the roads unless absolutely necessary.

Everything is quite green around here-including the latest crop of knee-high weeds!  Poor Steve has sprayed the yard about 3 times already and yet, here we are about to consider round 4.

With Steve now having an hour's commute, I'm more concerned about the weather and his drive to and from work.

Today I'm picking up all three boys, dropping off the older ones and taking Jackson to the library.  Of course, while there's a bit of a lull in the rain at the moment-my good friend Alexa has been telling me the warnings about more heavy rains and winds at exactly the times I'll have to be driving around our small town.  Great.

Then there's poor Sunshine-she's always been frightened of inclement weather, but this week has taken things to quite the ramped up height.  While Lucky doesn't like going out to do her business, she does it and then hits the security door until I open it up.  Sunshine, on the other hand,  holds "it" and shakes.

Last night, even with my holding her she kept running for the closet and its presumed "safety".  We had to give her a dose of doggy valium just to get her to the point where she could sleep.

Needless to say, we also had to clean up a couple of very foreseen accidents due to the fear of taking the time to do it in the yard.

So I'm just feeling really as gray as the weather right now.  On the bright side, I have enough toilet paper and water.

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