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Friday, March 06, 2009


Leaving On A Jet Plane

I’m leaving you all. Not forever, but until the 27th. I’ll be lurking around until the 12th, but then I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, followed by a bus to our hotel for 2 nights and finally my husband and I will board the Celebrity Solstice!

Yes, it is our yearly getaway together. Okay, we did go away for those 5 days in December to the desert, but this is our true romantic anniversary getaway. It wasn’t too romantic in December when Steve had the food poisoning. Ick.

This will be our first time on this brand new liner. In fact, we counted- we’ll be the 12th sailing on this inaugural trip. We were also on the inaugural sailing of the Millennium-we did that ship 3 times.

Being into exercising, healthy eating and being alone, we booked a room on the Aquaclass level. This is strictly for couples, next to the spa/gym and we have our own “fresh and healthy” dining room called Blu. Looks gorgeous in the pictures. I also talked to “Kristen” in administration who took one of the sailings already and told me that this ship is even more wonderful than the Millennium, the service (is it even possible?) is better and I was told not to miss the glass blowing demonstration or the spectacular shows. Oh, and have chef make up a picnic basket for us to enjoy on the grass area on the top deck!

Will do-how often does a gal get to celebrate her 28th anniversary? Believe me we are ready. We’ve been shopping for our new walking socks, dress wear, sunscreen and have booked on shore excursions.

Try as he might, my husband did not talk me into a new swimsuit. He felt that since my “new” one was almost 10 years old I should try some on. Sorry-I only wear my swimsuit during this one week for the entire year. However I do need some other things for the trip. A haircut comes to mind, as does a manicure and my eyebrows shaped. I haven’t done that since our son’s engagement party last October.
This will be our last big vacation for a while, so we plan on enjoying it as much as possible.

Between the loss of my “day job”, our son’s impending marriage and our part of that worthwhile bill and several parts of our house in desperate need of repair/replacement-I have a feeling that if we hadn’t booked this trip 2 years ago, we probably would have considered cancelling it. But we’ve had the non-refundable plane tickets (points) for almost 11 months, so we might as well have the anticipated fun.

As I said, I’ll be here physically for a few days, but my heart, head and soul are already on vacation.

Bon Voyage!

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