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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Learning As I Go

Learning as I go


Whenever something new happens in your life there will be a learning curve.


After a quarter of a century in our former abode, I was more than comfortable. Maybe to a fault.  I didn’t think about where or how to put things in the pantries, the linen closets, the cabinets or, for that matter, my dresser drawers and closet-they just went where the empty space of the item being replaced used to go.


When you move-nothing goes where it once did.  In this case, that’s what was so wonderful about Steve buying the exact same refrigerator-everything is going in exactly the same spot.  No guess work.


However, we are trying to fit 3 bathrooms of pictures and personals into 2.  Our former bedroom set is no longer with us and we are presently using the customized walk-in closet for what went into separate closets, 2-3 drawer night stands and a 9-drawer dresser. 


Okay, if you’re getting picky about it-our new entertainment unit does have 3 drawers.  No dresser this time around.  Our new bed is great, but we haven’t seen the arrival of the bedframe/headboard or the nightstands yet.  So we’re learning how to fit all the shoes, all the clothes and other items into what we’ve got.


So far, we’re alright on this score.  Luckily I hate shopping so much that what I’ve got fits quite well into my half of this closet. 


What I would love to understand is this:  This home has 55 square feet more than the last, yet it has no wall space.  We can confirm this mainly because we have a whole lot of framed family pictures than no longer seem to be able to be hung, placed or displayed in any way shape or form!  We also seem to have some very large pieces of artwork that we won’t be able to put anywhere as well.


We have two empty rooms.  I suggested that we make them into our own personal art museums and hang them all wherever we can.  Steve’s not too sure about this notion.  One of the main reasons on that is that one of these two rooms has a temperature control problem.


By now you all have probably wished I didn’t do a yearly tirade about the horrible a/c problems in the other home and how all I ever wanted was a place to cool off. 


Trust me when I tell you that will no longer be an issue for me come this summer.  It seems that our front “guest” room is a mere 20 degrees less than anyplace else in here.  Right now, the entire home is sitting at a comfortable 73 degrees.  I went to go file some clippings in the “freezer”, but I had to put on my leather coat and woolen gloves before I went into that room!


I kid you not.  I actually put on that get up to file a couple of magazine articles.


When we realized the lack of heat in there, we decided that somehow we were going to have to find the space for our treadmill in the office.  Plus, while it sounded smart to have 2 guest rooms at the beginning, our thoughts are that we don’t want icebergs for grandchildren. And no matter how much I want my parents around forever-I’m against cryogenics.


Funny, I’m getting used to things here and will even have some great news to share in the coming months, but for now-I’m just glad to be finding a rhythm.

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