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Friday, June 20, 2014


Nothing Like Home

Nothing Like Home


As much fun as going away is-nothing says “Fantastic” as much as getting home.  Sometimes that happens for more than just due to the facts that you’re out of laundry and/or money.


Steve had a few days off and wanted to get out of our usual rut.  So we decided to book a couple of days in a quiet (definition:  boring) and inexpensive place (we’re still paying off our new dining room).  It has a river that neither of us have any desire to break what’s left of our spines on and besides-THAT WATER IS FREEZING COLD!

We don’t gamble and outside of one pretty entertaining show we saw at ½ price-walking was the only thing to do.  The outlet mall was a ghost town, no one goes here to eat-but it was a couple of days we could spend with no one but ourselves.


However, back at the homestead things did not turn out so calm.

Adam and Sam watched Pepper for the couple of days.  Pepper loves Toby, Lily and Billy-but he took one look at the new 3 pound tuxedo kitten dubbed Zoey and hissed.  From what I understand-his hissed for 2 of 3 days.  We picked him up and he refused to talk to us until we went to pick up our drama queen.


Sigh.  When I dropped Lucky off at the pet hotel she went into “shake” mode.  Now I know that most of you think of Chihuahua’s as being natural born shakers, but not ours.  She mainly just likes to be cuddled and loved.  Nope-she’s a calm girl.   So imagine my guilt when Lucky began to shake uncontrollably and tried hiding in my tee shirt!


Next morning the manager called to inform me that she had not stopped shaking, had (TMI ALERT) bloody stools and threw up!  I immediately called our FANTASTIC vet, Dr. Kristin Young at Daisy Mountain animal hospital.


This woman went in between patients to check up on her and give her medication!!!!  Seems she was so stressed that Lucky gave herself “nervous colitis”.   Have any of you pet parents ever had a vet who would do this???  And no, she didn’t charge extra! By the time we picked her up a couple of hours ago-her stomach was doing much better and she was so happy to see us she didn’t know who to have hold her! 


Her tail was going like a whirl-y-bird, she was crying, kissing us, leaping from one parent to another and then heard Pepper and started pulling us toward him to make sure it was her brother in that cage!

Pepper was so happy to see her that he began crying as well. 

We’re happy to be back to our home as well.   I’ve got a very full lap and a very full heart-while I’m not happy my fur kids were out of sorts, I’m glad they missed us.

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