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Thursday, June 04, 2009




I know you are all wondering, “What could be wrong in a sunny state like California?”

Well, I’m going to break my rule about never discussing sex and politics, right here and right now and tell you! Not the sex part, but the political part.

Our governor (nicknamed governator) wanted about, oh, 7 different tax propositions to pass or he would “have to get tough” and do some major slashing of jobs, benefits, etc….

What? Wasn’t it enough that my son-in-law was part of the massive layoffs in Orange County? Isn’t it enough that even though he is graduating (right on the day this is published) AGAIN, this time from the Los Angeles County’s juvenile correction officer training course and has been told this too might be a job with a short life span????

Evidently not-all the propositions, save one (that one barring pay raises for all the elected officials as long as the state’s in debt), failed. So our wonderful governor decided to SHOW US-he cut off funding for the kids whose parents can’t afford to pay for health insurance. The program is called Healthy Kids.
Yes, our delightful head of state cut off medical care for 225,000 youngsters.
Here’s where it gets personal-2 of them are my grandsons, Dylan and Aidan.

First he takes away their father’s job, then he makes it so the boys can’t even be taken care of without putting their parents even more behind the “8” ball.

I’m sure the other parents of all these unfortunate youngsters have even more horror stories-kids who are in need of constant medical procedures, desperately ill and needing hospitalization, those who happen to get in an accident of any kind.

What is the matter with this man and his cronies? Supposedly, he’s all about the family and making sure that the “kids-who are our future” are taken care of-so he takes care of them by how? Removing their ability to stay healthy???

And I’m mad-really mad. How dare this one person feel that he is so empowered that he can take away a parent’s ability to care properly for their child/children?

This is just a spite move because he didn’t get his way about raises taxes. GET A CLUE GOVERNOR-WE VOTED AGAINST THEM BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SICK AND TIRED OF THE WORKING CLASS GETTING THE SHAFT.

Rather than cut necessary funding for the health benefits of innocent children and laying off their hard-working blue collar parents-maybe he should have shown the state he meant business by taking away money for redecorating public offices!

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