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Friday, January 11, 2019


Happy Adoption Day, Lucky!!!

It's so hard to believe that six years ago today Adam, Sam and Lily rescued our little love bug from the clutches of a huge house cat on a freezing morning in a desert wash!

That means our girl is somewhere near seven years of age.  Can't remember what life was like before that day we first laid our eyes on her.  With very little effort she became our "Little itty-bitty" whom we dote on and love to the proverbial "moon and back".

Pepper didn't exactly feel that way.  Nope-he was raised by a 70-pound Golden Retriever and lived with 25-pound Lily and her brother Billy.  All bigger, all very furry and all easy to hitch a ride on as they came in the back door from the yard.

Pepper took one look at this "thing" with the sleek fur and half his size and hissed.  Lucky (having been just rescued from the grips of a huge cat) didn't really like him either.  It took those two about 6 weeks to stop hissing and chasing each other.  Then it was the "love fest" phase:  Pepper gave her a thorough bathing every morning,  Lucky kept barking at him to come play and cuddle.  They were quite happy to have each other.

We had never had such a "challenging" pup before!  Her namesake was a German Shepherd who came to us at 8 weeks and was practically house-broken right at the first day.  Then along came our beloved (wait, I have to cry a little bit) Sunshine-who also was perfect in the house.  Growing up our little dog Tippy Toes also came quite house-broken.  That said, it was quite the challenge to get our 6-pound wonder to actually realize our various lessons were to teach her that puppies simply don't do their business in the house!

Oh what the neighbors must have thought!   Our "yeah for the potty outside" dance and then the follow up kisses, hugs and treats must have been quite the sight for the three 2-story homes that surround us.

Then one day, after what must have been my millionth potty dance, I swear she looked up at me and through those big brown eyes said, "Wait, are you doing all that because you want me to potty out here????   Why didn't you say so????"

And that was that!  Until, we decided that given Pepper's advancing age that maybe we should adopt another pup.  Of course, you all know we fell in love with Sunshine's namesake at first sight.  Lucky loved her from the start and was a very good training model for about 80% of the housebreaking

Sunshine is a bit apprehensive about cold weather.  Okay, she is frightened of anything that isn't 70 degrees and sunny (Thank goodness we live in Arizona!).

Now we have our little furbabies and dote on them all.

Most important:  HAPPY ADOPTION DAY LUCKY!!  You've made our lives so much better and we just couldn't adore/love you more!!!

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