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Saturday, September 30, 2006


A recipe for life

When I started this column, I named it weird. What is that title anyway? Carine-whatscooking.
Have any of my published recipes appeared here? No. Have I mentioned cooking in even a remote way? No. What was I thinking? Sitting here and writing all afternoon, I can tell you I just submitted a couple of articles to various writing forums that did indeed contain several of my recipes. Yet, never here. On a forum of my own creation. Does that seem rather odd?
I believe, at the time of conception, or a few days before, I had just received word that another one of my creations had won an honorable mention and it would be included in the latest edition of the that magazine's cookbook, so I took that as some kind of omen.
I do love to cook, bake, create in the kitchen. Almost as much as I love to sit here and write articles that I hope will interest other people enough for them to read. However, there's been a major difference between my culinary writing and my article writing-I've been paid for one of them!
As much as I love to write and wish I could give up the "day job" to do this full-time, truth is, I can't afford too. I also would love to create dishes in my kitchen and write that cookbook that's been slowly creeping it's way to having something that might have more than the 20 pages to it some year. But I don't see that happening either.
I'm not unlike most people who call themselves writers. I write endlessly and get paid sporadically. Or not at all. And in today's world, many of my articles are out there being "published" and I not only don't get money, but I don't even know that there out there being read!
Case in point-I did an "ego-google". That's where you go to and type in your name. Do you have any idea how empowered I felt after seeing all my entries??????
Geez Louise, I am so famous. (for those of you who haven't caught on, I am being so sarcastic here!). Really, check me out-Carine Nadel.
So what's really cooking here? Me. I'm cooking up ideas on how to actually be a professional writer. I was one in my late teens and until my mid-20's, but that was a very long time ago. Typewriters with self-correcting tape were all the rage. Now, I have to more or less keep creating new dishes of both the culinary and verbal process until I find the right recipe that will
"fill" the menu in my mind.

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