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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Just Think

This week was pretty busy.

Very active on the career side of things too.  Two interviews to accomplish, went to a lovely luncheon with a great group of people at a magazine that I've been a contributor of for the last 3-1/2 years.  It was really great to put faces, voices and personalities to the folks I've only e-mailed with all this time!

I also went on my usual power walks with my new found walking buddies, walked Lucky on a couple of other mornings, went to get my eyes examined (No such luck on my optometrist checking out the head as well since he was in the region), ordered new glasses since it appears that age and the conk on the noggin in August seems to have made my old prescription not do its job and last-found myself on TV!

It was all quite impromptu.  So impromptu that the first day I did NOT have on a stitch of make-up and they showed my clip in various lengths on 3 news segments.  Sigh.  There I was fully made up and in real "clothes" (read this, not the Anthem/New River uniform of yoga pants and tee) the day before for my luncheon but could they catch me then?  NOOOOO.

I was going to pick up the boys when Sarah informed me that the school was in lockdown.  Seems the area no-goodniks and a friend were not only burglarizing homes but doing so with loaded guns.  Thanks to helicopters and a swift reaction from the Maricopa Police Dept. all three were caught and the lockdown orders were lifted. 

However while waiting our local ABC news team was there and asked me a few questions.  I'd like to think he was impressed with my long stifled radio news skills in the way I answered him but I'm getting long winded here so I'll get to the "rest of the story".  (Forgive me Paul Harvey)

He asked for my name and contact information in case he needed to ask any clarification questions.  He didn't call and I figured "that was that".

However, while having coffee with a friend the next morning he called and wanted to know if I'd like to be part of a story on what residents of our fair city were doing to protect ourselves from the break-ins that seem to be again on the rise?

It didn't take him long to arrive and my next foray into my long since shelved broadcast career was put to the test, sort of speak.

Lucky liked him and even Pepper stayed in view of the goings-on!

We chatted for an hour about our security measures, he took footage and then he was off to put it together and I took advantage of the glorious 70 degrees of sun and went for a walk.

Just think, it took 4 years to get a degree in broadcast journalism, 1-1/2 years of grad school, 3 years of on-air afternoon radio news/public affairs programming and lord only knows how many years of free-lance writing to finally be on TV.  And was it my writing skills or on-air speaking voice?

No, it was all due to being the victim of a home invasion.

Just think.

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