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Thursday, August 13, 2009


May I Be Blunt?

May I be blunt? I have to reveal something I’ve never revealed before-I am not a party animal. I do like to socialize, meet new people and learn what they’re all about, BUT I can only stand so many at one time during the course of summer and fall. This summer I working on the 4th weekend in a row with a special event.

I look forward to being invited and going to a family birthday party or anniversary celebration. Going out for a group dinner makes for a great break in the monotony of sitting in front of the computer and being creative hour after hour-but I do not enjoy the process of getting ready to go to whatever the event is.

The reason for this peek into my private little mind niche is probably due to the heat. While I adore the warmth of the sun, I simply do not enjoy putting on make-up that will start dripping off my face within a couple of hours (or a hot flash hits, whichever comes first), I don’t enjoy putting on a nice (tight, thick) pair of jeans and something heavier than one of my jogging tops or spaghetti strapped tees. And last-I really hate putting on a set of “real” shoes.

You all know what I’m talking about-the ones that aren’t my walking shoes or my orthopedic sandals. The ones I keep for “special” occasions such as going to one of the above mentioned social occurrences. I have 3 sets. Pair of navy blue Clark’s corky sandals-that pair, despite the little straps and 2” heels, are fairly tolerable for several hours and almost hide what RA has done to my feet.

Then there’s the pair of black and white checkered wedgies by KEDS. These cover my awful toes and are not excoriating until hour #2. And last, a pair of black 1-1/2” chunky leather square-toed pumps-well, the length of time I wear those is strictly up to the RA God.

I wore them when my son walked me to my seat during our daughter’s wedding 5 years ago. I also wore them until we entered the reception hall. Then, I removed them and hid them under my chair. Danced all night in stocking feet.

I was kind of hoping that someone would take them, but oh no, they were still there waiting for me at the end of the party. Darn.

Somewhere along the line I think I’ve lost my original train of thought. I’ve gone from being blunt about how I feel about parties in the heat to how much more I’d like them if it wasn’t for having to go to them in the heat, wear party clothes and shoes that come under the heading of “exercise” gear.

Never mind-I’ve decided being blunt is too much work during party season.

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