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Saturday, August 03, 2019


House Was Shiny, For a Moment

After a very lengthy discussion Steve and I (okay, it was mostly me) came to an agreement:  We were getting a housekeeper to come in once a month.

I take care of:  laundry, dishes, all the cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the counter tops and sinks and dusting.

Steve is supposed to do all the hard floors and the couple of carpets in the bedrooms.

This shouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that my "perfect" and "wonderful" husband hates to clean the floors.  And me, being me, hate dirty floors with a myriad of dog/cat fur all over the place.  Plus, when our old guy chooses to use his litter boxes (please, don't judge us, we make allowances for our elderly until they're in pain) there's litter on the already overly offensive bamboo flooring.

For those who don't understand-I will not, cannot and should NOT have to live with gross floors.  Steve, who isn't here a lot of time since he works, doesn't seem to notice or care!

It's not just the looks!  Would you want to have your grandkids, kids, friends and you walking on the flooring that not just has fur but (sorry about the graphic language) vomit, pee, #2 and just everyday garbage????

Well, as silly as it sounds, I just can't stomach it.  I also don't have the joints to take care of cleaning them myself.  Just sweeping it all has my hands/shoulders screaming at me for a pretty long period of time when I try.

So, I asked my friend Tracy who does her home, the cost, etc.  Wasn't too bad.  I called and the nice woman came out within a couple of days.

Nice job, clean house!  Floors, bathrooms, kitchen, etcetera-all clean at the SAME TIME!!

Can I get a woot, woot????

Then we made the next month's appointment and off she went.

I decided to enjoy the lavender scent and cleanliness from my La-Z-Boy that Adam and Sam gave me for a birthday about 8 years ago.  I put up the footrest, opened my latest Stephanie Plum and said, "Aaahhhh".

In less that 30 minutes, I swear to you all-Pepper looked me straight in the eye and glared.  That wasn't all though, he decided to defile the bamboo.  Grrrr.

And to add insult to injury, not just Sunshine, but Lucky as well thought it would make be happy to vomit.

Double sigh with lots of gentle head nodding.  I put my footrest down, got the paper towels and the Lysol cleaner and cleaned up my fur babies messes.

I suppose I have nothing to complain about really, at least I had the fleeting moment to enjoy.

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