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Thursday, May 09, 2013


such a deal

Such a Deal

A long time ago I shared the fact that I am not the typical woman-I hate shopping.  Unless it’s in a produce department.  I can spend hours browsing in one of those.  Just love my fruits and veggies.


I’m also one of those annoying people who coupons and takes the flyers to stores so they can price match.  Frankly, I’m almost ready for “extreme couponing”.   Of course I’d do better if I’d stop needing fresh produce. 


But now, I found out about a great thing here in the “country”.    A lady I met in Wal-Mart told me about it.  (I’m becoming one of those people who look at those around me and think, “Hmmm, they look my age, I’m going to strike up a conversation and see if they’re in need of friends too.” This is fodder for another blog.) You should Google this:  market on the move and see if it’s in your area.  Or at least something similar in practice.


Market on the Move literally moves to different locations across Phoenix.  Usually they set up in a church parking lot on the weekends.  It starts at the awful hour of 7 a.m. and goes to 11 a.m...  Of course, just like an organic farmers market the earlier you get there, the better the product you get to look over.


For $10 you can pick out 60 pounds of vegetables.  Yes, 60.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How in the world can you eat that many veggies without them spoiling?”

Well, our kids are in this $10 with us.  8 of us sharing that amount isn’t hard to imagine now, is it?

Sam was working, but Sarah and I left her home at 6:45, stopped to get coffee and break a $20 and scooted over to one last weekend. 


This particular Saturday we had these vegetables to choose from:  cucumbers, yellow squash, yellow and orange peppers, green beans, cherry and Roma tomatoes.


All of us divvied up the haul.  We all made turkey stuffed bell peppers and sweet cucumber pickles.  We trimmed, blanched and froze the green beans.  I have a good amount of yellow squash and tomatoes, both do not freeze well-so I’m going to grill some of the squash and I’ll stuff the rest for a couple of dinners.  The tomatoes won’t be around long.  We eat a lot of salad after all.


Plus, if you ask my husband about tomatoes, he will regale you with how important eating tomatoes is to men and their prostate.  I don’t ask why anymore, after 32 years of marriage I’ve learned to just nod and let him know when we’ve really “heard enough honey”.


The woman who told me about Market on the Move told me that one of the times she went that she got a lot of onions and eggplant.  She used the squash, peppers and tomatoes with it to create her own version of ratatouille.  Her family loves it over pasta, rice, polenta, etc…She grates some parmesan or Romano over it.


This isn’t my only “deal” this week!  Nope.  Steve’s two work belts finally fell apart and so did my 7 year old purse.  So we moseyed up to that outlet mall up the street to replace these items.  Steve found 2 leather reversible belts at Calvin Klein that were on sale for 50% off.  And me, who has never paid more than $20 for a purse-well, my husband decided it was time for me to get a “nice” handbag.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should be thrilled or slightly insulted.  After all, my $8 clearance bag at a Fossil outlet had lasted me all this time!  Back to my deal.  We went into Coach (I’m already re-living the case of the sweats).  They were having a 65% off sale of all clearance bags.  Plus, 10% more for Anthem residents!  Woo Hoo!  My $300 wound up coming down to $85!   Still way more than I’ve ever spent on almost anything in my wardrobe, but not many people are able to do this kind of remarkable shopping!

And now, I’m going to go look through my Wednesday ads-I might want to take the one from Basha’s saying they’re selling strawberries for $.88 a pound and take it to Wal-Mart and ask them to price match it for me.  Yum.

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