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Friday, October 16, 2009



My head is full-and not with just thoughts about fleeing children and bathroom remodeling either.

Nope, I came home from Phoenix feeling happy for my children, frightened for my children and within 2 days, feeling sick as the proverbial dog. I thought at first it was the “minor reactions” to the flu shot, but no such luck.

My husband didn’t want to worry me, so he hid the fact that he and our son both caught awful colds. We all ate dinner together when we came back into town. Great.

Allow me to let you in on a secret (okay, if you’ve actually known me, it’s not a secret), I am not a good patient when I get sick. Especially with a head cold. I sneeze, I cough, my ears and head are so congested that I feel my face peeling off and I’m really grumpy.

Plus-I LOOK REALLY AWFUL. My nose and face turn red and chapped. My lips crack and bleed no matter how much lip balm I apply. There’s no way I can think of wording or be creative in anyway because my eyes are crossing.

Then, if I’ve sneezed or coughed too much or too hard, my sciatica kicks in and my back goes out. In very clear language-I’m a mess.

At least now that I work from my own personal and private cubicle I only make myself “fed up”. Hubby knows better than to ask much from me in my present state. He’s lucky I can still make dinner and put together his lunch.

Our son joined us for dinner the other night since his fiancée had class. What a sight! Adam sounds congested and has a gravelly voice. My husband is still at the end of the “blowing” stage and then there I was in all my glory-red chapped face, puffy eyes, stuffed sinuses, low-grade fever.

I tell you, it’s lucky we’re family and love each other because we would have easily frightened the general public.

As for making sense for all of you-I’m sorry I’m not making any. What can I say?

I do have some good news-my master bath now has partially working plumbing! I know you don’t care, but honestly after what we’ve gone through the last 2 weeks, I’ll take this news and use it as a seed of positivity.

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