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Friday, August 29, 2008


It's a Date

Happy end of August to you all! Last week I shared a personal note to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. I’m happy to say that both she and my son were very happy and teary-eyed at the note.

Sometimes I have that effect on people when I write. My son-in-law cried when he read my father’s day column about him a year ago. My son cried at the column about him and his graduating college. My dad had tears when he read his birthday column. My mom had her turn on mother’s day. When my daughter read some of them about her-she wept.

I guess that this is a good contrast to the columns where I am funny, thoughtful or just plain sarcastic.

This week, I thought I’d share how the date for “ the wedding” came about. It’s really quite cute.

Our son and my husband work for the same company. Our son manages one of the stores and my husband is “director of sales, culture and development”. My husband went in to let their boss know the big news about the proposal that was taking place that very evening.

The boss asked where the event was taking place. My husband shared the details of the romantic drive to and what restaurant. Then the boss asked what time? Not really thinking, my husband told him.

My husband came home and said “you know, John lives close to the restaurant, I think he’s going to stop by and pay for their dinner”

I stared blankly at him. Having known the gentleman for close to 30 years, quite frankly, it didn’t sound quite in character. We just shrugged and went on with our evening.

Then our son called. “mom you are never going to believe this! John and his wife were here at the restaurant for a wine-tasting event and they sent over a very expensive bottle of champagne and a card of congratulations to us!”

It really overwhelmed Adam. He was very surprised and full of gratitude. He wanted to go and say thank you and have them come and join them and share a toast with the champagne. They sent word back that this was their evening and it should be shared with just the two of them.

More than a wonderful gesture, we all were in awe of the thoughtfulness.

When the waitress opened the cork, she handed it to Adam. On the cork was “AS 58”. Thinking this was more than fate, he told Sam, “Sweetie, I think my boss just picked out our wedding date!”

A=ADAM, S=SAM and 58, became May 8, 2010.

Adam (being raised right and all) wrote his boss a lovely thank you card and letting the boss know of their decision.

Now, it was his boss’ turn to be in awe and completely overwhelmed.

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