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Thursday, March 02, 2017


I Want OUT! No, I Want IN!

It's an old joke for those of us with fur babies.  Seems they're always on the wrong side of the door!

Take this morning, just as an example:

The sun has finally come out here in rural Phoenix, Arizona after several days of rather weird gray and wet weather!  That's the good news, but along with this sunshine it's also unseasonably COLD!  Plus, there's this pesky desert wind blowing my tiny ones around the yard.

Actually, Sunshine is holding her own and Pepper has always been an indoor tabby cat-so, admittedly it's Lucky getting blown around the yard.  The sun has the dogs confused in a big way.  They see the sun, they feel the sun through the window/slider and beg to go out to sit on the patio to soak up the warmth.

Okay.  I let them out.  They hop up on their chair, curl up in balls next to each other, sit there for about 2 minutes and then hop off and bark at me to let them in.

Fine, come in!  As they run for their warm blankets on the sofa and bury themselves so only a tail can be seen they warm up and realize-hey, I feel the sun!  Let's go ask mom to let us out.

They pitter-patter into the office and cry at me, hit my knees and look at me with those huge brown eyes and look as if they're going to burst right there on the floor next to me if I don't hobble over to the door and let them back out.

Being the complying mom that I am-I stop what I'm doing on the computer, walk to the other side of the house to where the door and yard happen to be and again, turn off the alarms and sensors and let them out.  I sit at the breakfast table to watch them as they (again) hop up onto their chair in the yard, curl up in a ball next to each other and watch them attempt to sunbathe in the 49-ish degree weather and the 30 mph winds!

A few minutes later, they (again), hop off the chair and stand by the door howling at me to let them in.  Which I do and then put on the alarms/sensors and lock the doors.

I go back to work where I am immediately followed by two puppies wanting to go out.


By about the fourth time of this ridiculous hamster treadmill I am no longer being smiley and nice about it.  I start to become a grump and tell them to go lie down in their blankets and just enjoy the house.

This is met with tears in the eyes, whining and then Pepper decides it's his turn to cause some trouble.  If his sisters are all cozy and whiny under a blanket then he's got to be there too.  He usually decides that Lucky is the perfect dog to jump on and pester.  Within minutes Lucky is growling and running after him while Sunshine is left on the couch, half covered and wondering what's happening to Lucky.

She then chases Pepper around the house and into my office.  He jumps on me and acts the innocent while Sunshine rushes back to Lucky and kisses her from head to toe.  It's truly my belief that she's making sure she's okay and asking her in puppy language, "Did you get hurt????"

Obviously, I've haven't accomplished a thing other than letting dogs in and out, telling the cat to stop bugging the dogs and then I wait for it:  Here they come, the fantastic duo-big brown eyes and pleading voices asking me to let them out.

I hope this blog makes sense because honestly, I have stopped and started so many times that I'm not at all sure about what it reads like but know if I don't just click on Publish-it might be a while before I get back here to re-do this piece. 

At least I'll be adding to my walk to this schedule.  It's almost 11 a.m., better get out the harnesses, leashes, potty bags, stroller and jackets because now it's time to meet up with my friend and her dogs for a walk.

Hopefully they'll be so tired upon my return that I won't be asked to let them out for a couple of hours.

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