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Friday, September 07, 2012


Dancers get in the swing of fun and exercise | dancing, helps, square - News - The Orange County Register

Dancers get in the swing of fun and exercise | dancing, helps, square - News - The Orange County Register  

Ah Gilda, You Were So Wise

Ah Gilda, How Wise You Were


The older I get, the more I realize how wise the late Gilda Radner was-really.  “It’s always something,” was her favorite line.


While the acclaimed comedienne was talking about her cancer journey-it applies to all parts of our lives.


As anyone of you who read my blog last week know, I went to our soon to be new home state to enjoy some time with the grandkids while their parents went to Las Vegas for the holiday weekend.


It started out pretty good.  Plane took off on time, landed a few minutes early, the luggage came off the carousel in one piece and there were several good Samaritans who helped me with the carry-on, since I have a bad left hand and an even worse right shoulder.  Yes, I believe there’s some strange curse following me about my body. 


Our son picked me up and we did a “drive-by” hello to our daughter, then-it was on to meet our realtor.


Oh-the-fun.  I know I’ve mentioned how I HATE shopping-well, house-hunting falls into that category. 


Sigh.  Six houses and I actually liked the last one.  Oh yes, it had its drawbacks (I don’t care what you call it-CULTURED MARBLE COUNTERS AND TUB SURROUNDS ARE NOT AN UPGRADE), but trust me when I say that THIS floor plan was possibly the only one in this part of Phoenix that actually had enough counter space for our 3 coffee pots, my kitchenaid Mixmaster and our canister set and still had some workable counter space.  Plus-it had 8 drawers.  That’s 5 more than all the other homes I saw did (and 3 less than my present one)!


Also, it was an open plan with actual light coming in the windows.  


The drawbacks?  Neither my husband or I want to go back to the “standard” bathroom now that we’ve had a taste of “model home perfect” items, my husband wasn’t thrilled that the house was 13 (he wanted a newer home with all the new home money saving stuff) and I’m not too sure about the splash pool.


I sent him the link.  He saw what I meant.  I told him the “high end new home” he said I’d love-I didn’t love it or the 2-1/2 drawer, no counter space kitchen.  Plus I also didn’t love the Formica counter tops and the completely cheap plastic tubs and shower surrounds.


Okay, enough of this part of the trip.


On to the really “fun” times.  On Friday, Aidan and I had a day together while Dylan went to kindergarten.  Our darling Dyl has already been in trouble 3 times for talking too much.  You can’t see me, but I’m laughing.


It’s not that we did anything special, but it was nice to have the one-on-one time.  We picked up Dyl, who did not get in trouble again (He saved that for Tuesday) and headed to the splash pad. 


My thought was that they could play, get wet and enjoy some fun now that the day was only a mere 103.  Well that plan fell through, big time!


Aidan slipped on the whale that spit out water and cracked his chin!  He ran over and blood was going everywhere.   Just the way all good “head” wounds do.  Thankfully I had asked for the medical insurance card and directions to the local urgicenter before my kids left.


Three hours and 20 minutes later-we finally left the facility with 3 stitches in little Aidan’s chin.


The boys were so well behaved that I broke my “no fast food” rule (hey, they were angels and it was just about 7:30, we deserved some junk) and asked the “patient” where he’d like to go to eat.  “Wendy’s grandma, it’s awesome there.”  That’s Aidan’s latest favorite word.


Dyl wasn’t very happy until I told him that I was super-proud of him too and I’d let them both have junior frosties.


The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent watching some of the most obnoxious kids Blu-ray discs in the world.  The doctor said I should keep Aidan quiet and sweat free.  Luckily Uncle Adam and Auntie Sam came over with the pups for dinner.  The next morning we met up with them at the local bagel place for breakfast.


Then to finish off my action packed and exciting week-my plane left 50 minutes late and I literally hit the ground running with deadlines, doctors and house-selling fun.


See-Gilda Radner really did say it best when she said, “It’s always something.”

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