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Friday, August 30, 2019


Growing Up

Sometimes it hits Steve and I-our grandchildren are NOT babies!

Little things such as:  Dylan has finished with his voice changing exercise, is just about 6' tall and has the starting of facial hair!  Aidan getting the same lower voice register and putting forth some very teenagery behaviors.  Then come the younger set.

Jackson, usually quite shy, has been stretching his 6-year-old "personality wings".  He told Adam that he didn't want him to walk him up to the gate and stand there anymore, because "I'm 6 now and can do it myself!"  Plus, instead of hiding his head in my side when the crossing guard says hello, now he confidently waves at her and says, "See you tomorrow!"

Then there's our youngest and only grand-daughter, Bryce.  Always entertaining, always a strong and confident young lady-she's showing us that if YOU need advice, she'll be happy to tell you what to do!

All four have very, very different personalities.  All four are amazing kids.  They also have huge caring hearts.

Jackson and Bryce made us cards expressing how sad they felt for the loss of Pepper and said they loved him a lot too.  Dylan and Aidan didn't actually find out for several days because they were at their dad's, but when they found out the said how sorry they were, how much they also loved him and were sad they felt that they didn't get to see him at least one more time.

Today, as I post this, it's already been two weeks since Pepper passed.  We're still extremely sad and weepy.  The girls are still grieving in their dog fashion-one is still not wanting to eat and staring at the back of the reclining sofa and the other crying while she's asleep.

Our "kids" (they are firmly in the 30's and can't be recognized as kids to anyone else but us) have raised some very sympathetic and empathetic offspring.  Proud of all 3.

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