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Friday, February 22, 2019


Weather Record of the Most Unexpected Kind

I did NOT move to a desert to have freezing cold.  I realize that many of you are living in snow that is in the "foot" level and the smattering here is a joke. But it isn't a joke to us here.

Sharing a few photos with you has proven a challenge!  My phone keeps telling me, "Can't find location".  Let's just say it's been literally freezing!  Our weather reporters keep telling us that the last few days we've actually broken records.  These are the coldest days for the calendar dates in recorded history!

Sunshine, our bad weather hater, has decided that unless her bladder is about to bust, she's wearing her puffy coat and hiding under her blanket in her bed.  Her other favorite spot is under the dining room chair.  I'm guessing the sound of the hard rain, hail, snow, winds and thunder is on par with having a fly in the house.

Lucky has found that if she goes under the breakfast nook table I can't easily get her to push her outside.  Yesterday she kept moving just far enough away from me that I had to circle the table several times before I could catch her!

The funniest thing is Pepper.  He's always been a complete indoor feline.  He watches the girls and probably wonders why they get to explore a whole new world while he has to make do with the house.  This morning however, there was a slight hiccup.

While I was circle dance with Lucky and Sunshine was crying about being outside, I inadvertently left the screen door a tad ajar.  You see where I'm going with this I'm sure.  Well, just as I caught my six pound wonderdog, Pepper pushing the door open enough to slink through.

I put Lucky next to her sister and called him.  He actually looked at me and started to step onto the rocks!  Then he realized something-hail hurts, it was very wet and he was freezing his tush off.  So he backed up and ran back to the land of the warmth that he's probably appreciating more than ever before.

Meanwhile, the girls are not coming out of hiding.

My friend, whom I walk with, said her dogs are as scared as mine, but are whining about not having seen their friends and walking.  One goes out only when necessary-while the other is very curious and sits out on the patio and just watches what's coming down.

If I had to choose between this extreme cold and what will certainly be the usual extreme heat we're going to have in less than a month, I've got to say, I'll choose the heat every single time.

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