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Saturday, March 23, 2019


All Aboard!

We survived this Spring Break.

Jackson was a complete doll on the three days we had him.  Thank goodness for that!

Weather here is still a complete mystery to everyone who lives in this state.  Too cold at 9 a.m. to venture into the pool for water aerobics.  Even my neighbor and I wait to walk our dogs until well after 11 because, well, we're complete wienies about the cold.

Poor Adam wound up with a very serious ear infection-almost bursting his ear drum!  Who knew that was a possibility at almost 35???

My dad stabilized and my sister found a much smaller memory care unit and moved him there.  This place is owned by a doctor and a nurse practitioner so they will monitor him for the congestive heart failure and they swear they're going to get him to get up with his walker and do some walking.

I would've doubted it, a lot-except that while the former place said they weren't going to make him shower, the doctor himself told my father that the water was "on and warm and get in there!"  Then told him patiently how to take a shower.  He also got him to brush his teeth!  That may sound as if that should be a given, but it is so unfortunately NOT.

No, I won't give the gory details-but shame, shame on the former place is an understatement.

This next week is our annual countdown for our anniversary cruise!  We did our haircuts already.  But now is getting "the girls" ready for their doggy resort.  I have to "bag and tag" all the dry food, make sure emergency meds are in the bag for Lucky's trick knee, make sure treats are marked, etc.

Of course we also have to make sure all of OUR meds are also "bagged and tagged".  Sigh.  It's rather depressing.  Looking at the line-up makes us feel both old and decrepit.

Then there's the packing,  I honestly don't own very many clothes, so I usually just take all my shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and sundresses and put them in the suitcase.  Since my pesky stress fracture persists I'm pretty much only able to wear my ASICS and move my metal orthotic into the pair for the day.  I'll have a pair of flats for the dresses at dinnertime.  Oh the fun of being me.

Since we have the photo packet and the photographers seem to think we want our feet in the formal shots, I'm going to have to be adamant about not full length.

It seems so hard to believe that this is our 38th anniversary!  Here's hoping that the orthopedic doesn't throw another thing at me and say my foot hasn't healed enough and I have to wear "the boot" while I'm gone.

I'd say that I deserve a break, but then that's what I've been dealing with all these months already.

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