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Friday, April 19, 2019


I Kid You Not!

It started out just slightly after midnight-I kid you not!  We had our yearly trek with luggage to begin our travel day for our #38 anniversary cruise.  Ugh.  Poor Pepper was so unhappy!

No dogs!  So he looked for them for a couple of hours while we finished packing and going to bed at the ridiculous hour of 8 p.m.

Why is it that the "free" airline tickets are always at horrible hours?  This year our first flight left at 5 a.m..  This meant we had to get up at 12:15 a.m., dress, drive up the Hampton Inn, drop off me and the luggage while Steve went back home to park the car, lock up (again) and walk the mile and a half in the dark of night (literally) back to the hotel.  Then we waited for our van to the airport.  He came at 1:55 a.m., on the proverbial dot.

Got to the airport, which was quite busy considering the hour, and waited for our flight.  No Starbucks or Peet's were open at that hour.  In fact, NOTHING was open in our terminal.

Landed in Kansas City.  So cold and snowy that the plane had to be de-iced.  Totally new experience for us.  Got to Ft. Lauderdale and it was a balmy 80.

Then we were brought to our hotel.  As soon as I saw it, I let Steve know that he was never going to be allowed to EVER book us another hotel again.  Made the one that we hate a few blocks down look good.

First-Steve asked for an ADA room.  We didn't get it.  Really?  I guess a year wasn't enough notice.  Then the room had peeling dry wall/plaster and the corners were covered in cobwebs.  And if that wasn't enough-the breakfast room had "tainted" food.

Steve decided to have a bowl of cornflakes, juice and coffee.  I know, you're thinking:  nothing unusual about that, no problem.  Oh yeah?!?  He looked down and there were bugs in the bowl.  He went to the woman working the room.  She said not a single word, just rolled her eyes at him and turned around.

I went with my usual bowl of oatmeal and a banana.  Safe?  Ha!  As the van was now driving us and another couple to the dock, I started feeling slightly not good.

Let's just say I didn't get to see the entertainment that night and leave it at that.

Upon our return to reality, I wrote the parent company a very unhappy note.  If you're thinking Steve booked us into some poorly run business, let me just tell you it was a Wyndham property, a Days Inn!
Then we were really angry when Wyndham passed the buck to the owner of the franchise!  They promised that they went over the rules of his contract and he'd be contacting me.  Well, that was 5 days ago and we haven't heard anything.

Thankfully, once we boarded our wonderful Celebrity Reflection (3rd time!) things turned around by the next morning.  I felt better, bathroom was small but clean and not falling apart and there wasn't a single cobweb in sight.

More on our ports of call next week.  I kid you not, we will NEVER stay in another Wyndham property again.

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