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Friday, August 15, 2014


It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…


It really was too.  A few nights ago, Steve was replacing the lighting fixture over our breakfast table with a much better fan, he was just about done and he went out front to put the fuse back on when he nearly tripped over something.


He almost tripped because it was about 8:00 at night and was pitch black out.  Plus a storm was about to hit and the only light (besides the porch light) was coming from the lightning bolts.  It was really windy too!


What did he almost trip over?  A lost 30 pound black dog!  Seems to me, if you’re a dog who’s bolted from a neighbor’s yard, been dumped by a callous moron or just out for a friendly stroll by yourself-we’re the house you want to stop at and visit/ask for help.


As soon as Steve realized what was “underfoot”, he called me outside.  No need to tell me why-Lucky was barking up a storm and smelling the bottom of the front door. Pepper was darting all over the place.


Poor girl was so frightened!  She was crying, tears running down her face and panting.  While Steve got some water and Lucky’s leash, I began checking for ID tags.  Thank goodness!  “Clio” had a personal piece of jewelry that also had an emergency phone number.


We took her into the yard and let Lucky get used to her-that was a loud event, but Clio was a very good guest and just looked at her hostess as if to say, “Thank you.  I’m so glad I came here.”


We hoped that we could reach someone before our bedtime.  Steve called her “Dad”.  The neighbor was very grateful.  He said someone must have unlatched the gate.   He had been gone all day and was just coming home from work.  He’d would be right over.


The wind was howling, the lightning gave a beautiful show and the thunder was loud enough that our neighbors couldn’t possibly hear Lucky yapping.  It was also over 100 and uncomfortably humid.  Ick!

In a very few minutes, “Clio’s” dad arrived and Steve brought her out to his car.  Just in time too-as soon as Steve shut our door the rain began coming down as hard as we’ve ever heard.  The entire evening had me wondering why anyone would leave their dog out in 110 degrees all day-but maybe I baby my fur babies more than others.


The storm came and went in about an hour.  Several neighbors lost some trees from the wind, some lost power and a few had “leakage” from the force of the wind blowing the rain into the window frames.


But at least, thanks to us, one little dog was safe and happy.  In that dark a car could’ve easily run over her, a coyote could have attacked her or she could have gotten herself hopelessly lost in the wash. 


Thank goodness for her guardian angel.  Stay safe little Clio.

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